The Best Switchblades to Take Hunting


Hunting season is upon us, and it’s time to get prepared. You’ve already got your guns and ammo ready to go, your hunting suit hanging out, and your other supplies strapped and packed. It seems that you’ve got all of your stuff together to head to the blind.

There’s only one problem: you don’t have your hunting switchblade.

Bringing a knife on the hunt is the right way to be prepared. You simply can’t go without one. Luckily, there are plenty of great blades out there, and we’ve chosen some of the best switchblades that are not only affordable but also reliable in any condition. Read this article to find one that suits you!

Kershaw Launch 4 Auto

The Kershaw Launch 4 Auto is where pint-size meets power. This small blade is 5.1 inches long, but it features more quality than most longer knives. It comes out of the box with a CPM-154 drop-point blade and aluminum handle scales that will make sure you have a strong grip. It’s even legal in California, so you can take your knife anywhere and be ready at any time.

Protech SBR Automatic

People love the looks and benefits that come with a wider switchblade, and there are few wide blades as dependable as the Protech SBR Automatic. This knife features a razor-sharp CPM-S35VN blade that comes with a copper finish to enhance durability. It also features an aluminum handle to give you a superior grip and a lightweight design. At 6.5 inches in length and weighing 3.05 ounces, this switchblade is hard to beat.

Boker Kalashnikov

The Boler Kalashnikov may seem like a thrifty weapon because of the price, but don’t let the dollar signs fool you! This neat knife features the durability and quality of a switchblade five times its worth. At 7.625 inches in overall length, this blade is on the longer side of hunting knives, but its design allows you to skin and cut game easily. It also features an AUS-8 dagger-point blade and a 3.7-ounce weight, with aluminum handles for assurance in your grip.

Gerber Propel

Nobody does blades quite like Gerber, and the Gerber Propel switchblade is no exception. This knife is designed to be fast and sleek, sporting a black oxide coated CPM-S30V tanto blade that features both a straight and serrated edge. It also has a built-in plunge lock and a safety switch (safety first, right?). At a whopping 8.62 inches in overall length and 4.7 ounces in weight, this is one knife you don’t want to go without.

Spotted a switchblade that caught your eye? Find out more about these impressive blades and many others when you check out these switchblades for sale. You’ll be glad you found the right switchblade that will last you for many years to some. Happy hunting!

The Best Switchblades for Your Needs

Now that you know about some of the best switchblades for your hunting trip, you can grab the knife that will handle all of your hunting needs. Make sure you check out the rest of our site to find out more tips and tricks you can learn to level up in your life. We’re sure you’re gonna like what you find here!

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