The service providers who can offer low brokerage high exposure brokers in India


For many people share market is a good source of income where they can trade in different shares and earn a lot of amounts. In this market, one can find various options as per which the trader needs to trade and earn. The listed companies’ shares are available in the market in which one can trade and accordingly generate profit. However, it is not an easy task as the trader needs to have good knowledge and accurate information before trading in any shares. Those who love to go for bulk trading need to have low brokerage high exposure brokers in India as they can help such traders trade well in the market.

For the traders, the trading segment is important as different segments act differently and hence one can have different opportunities to make a profit. If the intraday segment is considered one needs to have the lowest margin in this segment. If one wants to have bulk trading in this segment he can have a better chance to make more profit if he can opt for low brokerage & high exposure brokers in India as with the help of such broker one can have better opportunities to make desired profit on regular basis. The traders first check the brokerage rate and then discuss the exposure which they can have from the broker while going for the account opening. However, it is not the only thing that can help trader but doubtlessly it is one of the major factors that can affect the trading of a broker.

Is high exposure good for the client?

There is no standard answer available to this question as different people look at it differently. For some traders, it is good to have more exposure while some do not prefer it. There are also cases where the clients have used all credit and suffer from the massive losses that can spoil not the financial profile of the client but the broker or company can also not get the extended limit of credit amount which can make them run behind the client. Hence while offering the credit it is not only the trading of the client is seen by the broker but also many other things are checked.

Right for the bulk trader:

For those clients who can deal in this market prudently and know how to use the credit, high exposure can be a better deal as it can help them get more and more profit with every trade. However, while offering the credits the broker or company also checks if the client deals in bulk and makes him pay more money as margin. The statements of the clients are able to prove the trading patterns and quantity. Though bulk trading is more useful for a broker as well as trader, it is a dual-edged sword that needs to be checked well before allowing to move. The traders need to keep a check on their trade with every move.

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