The Benefits of Working with Turn-Milling Compound CNC Machining


Compound machining is a fancy way to call a multipurpose device that is capable of handling almost every single CNC task with a single piece of equipment. A turn-milling machining center is a device able to handle lathe and CNC machining that works in an entirely mechanical fashion. The machine uses a turn-milling motion to process a vast range of different surfaces. This is probably one of the most versatile CNC devices offered by CNC machining services and one that we should keep an eye on for the number of benefits that come with it. These are some of the most relevant:  


  • Improved Machining Accuracy and Reduced Clamping Times


Turn milling compound machines work with highly resistant bed designs that enhance the processing capacity for sturdier materials. The automatic feeding device makes all machining easier and more accurate. The reduced clamp times are there to reduce the chances of faulty mistakes in the production cycles. They also help manage on-site detection of the data fed to the CNC machine to improve the quality of the finished product and reduce the waste of material. 


  • Reduced Footprint and Cheaper Processing Costs


There is no denying that these devices are costly, but the investment pays off in the long run. These machines don’t take up a lot of space, and since they integrate a lot of tasks in a multipurpose device, their footprint will be reduced in your workshop. Turn-milling compound machines also keep maintenance costs low, since you won’t have to scheduled revisions for multiple devices and cover the costs of different parts for each one.   


  • Reduction of Processing Phases and Improved Efficiency 


Turn-milling compound machines can be equipped with a lot of different cutting tools to improve the CNC machining of single parts. The additional layout of the cutting tools is pretty helpful in bringing down production cycle times and make them more efficient. You can also program the device to work with a single clamping process to deliver pars with a single hit. While this sounds great at first sight, the data has to be programmed correctly to avoid any mistakes.    

The idea of turn-milling compound machines is akin to having a Swiss army knife of CNC machining services. The superior capacities of these devices can help any workshop raise the bar against their competitors and keep their customers satisfied. The costs hardly outshine the benefits they bring, and as they get upgraded, they will only improve with time.  

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