The Revolution Of Custom Printed Boxes – 7 shocking facts


Packaging is what can make or even break a business. When it is designed in a way that keeps the products safe and is attractive looking, a brand can succeed. However, when it is designed carelessly it can help you lose customers. Custom printed boxes are seen as the best packaging solution by many companies. These boxes have certain features that make them get chosen. The packaging has been able to get revolutionized so that it is perfect

Interesting facts about custom printed boxes

These boxes are prepared precisely according to the needs of the merchandise. The demands of consumers are kept in mind as well. The boxes are said to be a revolution within the packaging as well as printing industries. This is due to their many beneficial characteristics along with advantages which they give to retailers and customers.

The following are 7 exciting facts concerning the revolution of custom printed packaging:

  1. Make according to what the product is

Different items have different needs when it comes to packaging. This is because of the difference within their nature. There are certain products such as electronics that are sensitive and also fragile. These can easily get harmed during storage and transportation.

It is important to pack them in a strong box. This will be able to keep the items safe from harm. The custom boxes get made so that they are perfect for the product and its safety.

With food products, for instance, you will need to have a box that does not harm the food. It should keep it safe from any germs as well.

The packaging has transformed making it perfect for transporting and shipping products. It can do this across large distances. The box gives the product a safe enclosure that lets this happen.

  1. Printing advancements

Printing innovations have also occurred. The latest methods can give high-quality results. These are what attract customers towards a product. Previously the methods created low-quality prints. They were also costly to buy because different types of dyes, as well as plates, were needed to complete the procedure.

Now digital printing is something that is trending. It helps promote a brand and get it known to many customers. A brand logo can be included on the custom printed wholesale boxes with this. It is a smart marketing strategy and helps promote a business.

  1. Follows sustainability

Nowadays there are many environmentally conscious people. This is because the effects of careless human activities are being highlighted almost daily on the news. More and more people know about this and look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

The environment is getting affected because of dangerous and toxic substances present in certain packaging options. Due to the fact that many customers want to have environmentally friendly packaging, the boxes are made from stuff like this. The prints are also safe.

  1. Strong to keep product safe

The design of the packaging has changed to now be durable. In the past packaging was not as strong as it is now. You can now find different material options that can help you achieve this. It is possible to get cardboard boxes that are sturdy enough to allow the merchandise to remain secure.

The safety of products is the main aim of packaging. These boxes are able to do this. When packaging is not strong it can result in the box breaking, therefore, harming the product within. The items are kept safe when transportation occurs and also keeps them secure from environmental influences such as dirt, moisture.

  1. Increase brand recognition

The revolution in custom printed packaging has allowed brands to be more aware of the vitality of marketing. The businesses previously used different methods to advertise the business. These were expensive and the success rate was low as well.

Now the advancement of packaging has led brands to think about using packaging to market the product and brand. For this, a memorable brand logo gets printed on the box. Brand colors and a tagline can be included as well.

Companies also include the contact information of the business on the box. This is their physical address, phone number, email, social media links, etc.

  1. Made to attract the target audience

Packaging designs have changed as well. Now brands are more aware of making a design that appeals to a specific audience. At the time that this is targeted it is possible to increase sales as those who want to buy the product will be drawn towards it.

For instance, merchandise for kids has packaging which is colorful and it attracts them towards it. If the item is for ladies like perfume, you can make the boxes look more stylish and elegant.

  1. Focus on visual appearance

Custom wholesale printed boxes now focus on visual appearance. Many brands did not concentrate on making the packaging look good. Now they have realized that visual appearance can attract consumers and make them want to try out the item.

These boxes now are made to look unique. Trends are considered to get some ideas. Therefore, the packaging is now more appealing to potential consumers. It is more likely to stand out in front of the competition.

Custom printed boxes have changed from how they used to be. Due to the advancements in technology, these have been able to become perfect for the product. They are now made catering to the potential consumer base. In this way, the boxes attract them and make them want to try out what is being sold. Brand awareness has been increased due to this as well. There are now many material options available that a business can select the one which is best for their needs. The revolution has been a positive one and has helped companies out much. Therefore, these boxes are a popular packaging option.

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