Stunning and beautiful Ayatul kursi Pendant that signifies style


Muslim women love to wear Islamic jewelry. It allows them to show their belief in Allah and the last prophet. If you want to make your woman feel happy and special, uplift her mood with the stunning ayatul kursi pendant we have for you.

Pick from the marvelous collection of unique ayatul kursi necklace styles which are available in different colors. They are made with unique craftsmanship and amazing quality. Our master artisans pay special attention to detail.

Never seen before Ayatul kursi necklace silver 

Check out the never-seen before ayatul kursi necklace silver with 24 karat pure gold inscription and round cubic zirconia AAA special facet cut. The sterling silver chain adds to the sophistication of the necklace.

The ayatul kursi necklace is available in 14k gold, sterling silver gold plated design, and 14k white gold design. You can choose from our unique collection of Ayatul kursi Pendants and make your wife feel special.

She is going to jump with joy when you gift her the beautiful and striking ayatul qursi necklace.

The eye-catching ayatul kursi necklace silver makes the perfect gift for every occasion. 

Whether its your 1st wedding anniversary, 2nd, 5th or 25th, treat your wife with the perfect gift of ayatul kursi pendant. She is surely going to love your selfless gesture and feel loved.

Delight her on her birthday and let her know that you appreciate her presence in your life. The ayatul qursi pendant is going to show her how grateful you are to have her as your life partner.

Made with pride, class and quality. 

Nano jewelry brings a vast collection of Islamic jewelry especially for you. All the necklaces we offer are made with love, pride, class and premium quality materials.

All our pieces of jewelry are crafted with great aesthetic sense of our master artisians. The ayatul qursi pendant is no exception. This locket is made to last and stands the test of time and wear. The locket is accompanied with a chain that is durable and wearable with other pendants you have in your jewelry box.

A gift that sparkles and shines 

The ayat al kursi pendant is a gift that sparkles and shines when the special woman in your life wears it. It captures her heart and allows her to appear fashionable. The pendant is a timeless addition to her Islamic jewelry collection. It is beautifully suspended with a chain and looks quite stylish.

The only necklace that allows you to show her your true feeling for her. 

Giving her the stunning ayatul qursi necklace is going to surprise your wife. You are able to show her your love and care for her. It is the only necklace that shows her how much she means to you.

You are able to express your heartfelt feelings for her with this necklace. Wear it every day and any time of the day to any occasion. It is going to be your favorite everyday necklace which is going to add a touch of sparkle and dazzle to your entire look.

Pass it on from generation to generation 

You can pass on the legacy of your faith from generation to generations with the stunning ayatul qursi necklace.

At the end of the day, it is important for the next generation to continue living by the values of their forefathers.

If you want your next generation to have a strong faith in Allah and his teachings, the Islamic ayatul qursi jewelry is going to be quite beneficial. Your kids would be able to learn about your strong belief in Allah. They’d be able to continue believing the faith you believe in.

Stunning gift packaging 

At nano jewelry, we make everything extra special. From the craftsmanship of the jewelry to the packaging, we ensure that everything is the best.

The ideal ayatul qursi pendant is perfectly packed in a jewelry box with a magnifying glass. We ensure to pack the best quality product without any defects and issues.

Wow, your wife, and surprise her by giving her this unique and elegant necklace on her birthday celebration. Let her flaunt her faith in Allah and the love you have for her to everyone around her with this marvelous necklace.

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