The Fascinating Trends In Facial Recognition In 2020


Humans are unique in countless ways. The identity of each individual is marked by this uniqueness. As in today’s world, where the computer does all the jobs, the artificial intelligence is running a hand over all the fields.  Whether it is in your office file making, in the search engines, and supermarket elevators, you can feel the presence of this intelligence. When the biometric features are incorporating artificial intelligence, we will witness wonderful results. The facial recognition is one such thing which finds use in many areas of our life.

Facial recognition- a wonder

Recognizing a specific human face through technology is the key idea behind facial recognition. It will keep the video or image of a person and will extract the facial features to form the biometric parameters. The facial features may vary from the AI software using for that and the normal inclusions are the dimensions of the nose, depth of eye sockets, the structure of the cheekbones etc. Many facial recognition companies are working with different algorithms and databases across the world.

How does it work?

We know that information is stored as digital data in the computer and the processing of these data will be easier. So for facial recognition also we need a digital image.  Through the face detection process, it locates the human faces in the corresponding digital input. It may be an image or a video. The features from the face will be the analogue data and through the face capture process, it will convert those data into digital format. Then using this data, they will prepare an algorithm to train the artificial-intelligent system. As a result, the system will check for the face match to verify the two persons are the same.

The top 3 applications

  1. Security

We can prevent the increasing crime rates up to some extent with the face recognition system. The facial features are combined with other biometric features while making the identity documents. In the passport verification in airports and all are comparing the holders face with the digitized biometric passport. It is quite interesting to note that even the combination of drones with high-resolution cameras can identify the criminals with their facial features.

  1. Health

Much important technological advancement is happening in the medical field all the time. Top facial recognition companies in the world are playing a crucial role in this. It helps to keep track of a particular patient’s health record carefully. Many genetic disorders are detectable with the use of face analysis. In pain management also it helps a lot.

  1. Marketing

We make use of facial recognition in its lowest levels in the marketing field. But as per the experts, this will be the greatest technology that we are going to utilize in 2020. Using the facial features many cameras can identify your facial features and will identify your sex. Accordingly, they will customize the ad for you.


The facial recognition systems are becoming a part of our day to day life. With the help of the best facial recognition companies, we can incorporate them in those fields and enjoying the seamless benefits.

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