The Eminence of Vidmate Video Downloader and its Key Features


If you are looking for the Vidmate application in order to download into your Android device then you are at right place blog. Vidmate is the topmost featured video downloader, which is very famous and popular among the video lovers because, with the help of Vidmate, they can download their favorite movies and YouTube videos. If you want to be a part of them then you just need to read this article to the end.

Vidmate gives the Solution of Downloading Videos

Vidmate was first introduced in 2013 by UCWeb and now it is a part of Alibaba Group. Vidmate has defeated all of its competitors and counterparts and has become the top video downloader application which can be used for downloading the videos from the various sources of the videos such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, TED and many other free video providers. The main thing is that the mammoth video source portals like YouTube do not provide the facility of downloading videos from them so the Vidmate is used to fulfill that limitation and people can download videos from any video portal having valid URL in every quality and resolution.

Why Vidmate is not available on Google Play Store

Having so much amenities and facilities, still, you cannot perform Vidmate app download Play Store. This is because Play Store is the product and service of Google and Google keeps protected the access of all the websites, which are reachable on Google, but Vidmate can take the access from any website and provide you the chance of downloading the videos from any website. Google seems this process illegal and hence this amazing application is not available on Google Play Store and cannot available even in future. But the users of the Vidmate find this app very helpful not only in a single way but in many manners. If you want to download Vidmate application to your Android Smartphone then it is available on the application store of 9Apps.

What are the Key features of Vidmate?

  • People get the facility of downloading the interesting videos from about 2000+ of websites.
  • 20+ in-built shortcuts of different useful websites give the convenient user experience.
  • Facility of downloading the videos in every resolution and quality can save the data if the video would be downloaded in low quality and can give the magnificent touch to the video if it would be downloaded in high quality.
  • The users can stream their favorite TV shows Live and favorite movies on the Vidmate.
  • There is no limit on downloads as you can put the unlimited file on the download at a time and Vidmate will download them equally.
  • People can download many interesting and useful Android apps using Vidmate.
  • Online games are also available for increasing the factor of entertainment.

So these were some key features of Vidmate, which you can download from the 9Apps games and applications store. 9apps has many other interesting apps and games that would give a positive change and enhance the user experience.

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