Technologies which inspire-AI, ML and DL


Technology has always been fascinating to humankind. We have looked forward to technology again and again for our betterment and never were we denied. Especially in this Age of digital innovation, technology has become intrinsic to our daily life as we interact with some form of technology in everything we do today. And with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its subsets- Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL), our experiences with technology have been revolutionized forever.

Futuristic Smart Machines are already here!

AI enabled machines and systems like automated robots and next gen video games have already amazed us. But now with the help of ML and DL machines can be taught to learn from experience just like human beings thereby making them a lot smarter. As a matter of fact ML and DL trained systems have already started enriching our experience.

A few such instances include—

  • Self-driving cars.
  • Automated translational systems.
  • Personalized virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana
  • Automatic image and facial recognition systems.
  • Automatic image colorization systems.

Amazing prospects of Deep Learning!

Deep Learning is that branch of AI which uses artificial neural networks, deep belief networks and convolutional neural networks among others to mimic the learning process of human beings in order to get superior results. Deep learning for beginners in the tech sphere can be confusing but once understood can be very interesting and promising.

The application reports of DL are fantastic and even superior to human experts. A fully operational DL enabled system can not only get rid of human errors but also increase the efficiency.

Very important for us the Indians!

India is the fastest growing economy today and the government wants to capitalize on that through its ‘Digital India’ program. As of 2019 Rs 3K crore has been already allocated on the program and much more is expected in the upcoming years. India’s aim to become a digital hub is very apparent but there are challenges to get rid of. India still suffers from the problem of unemployment. A massive number of students graduate every year in India but only a few is able to take advantage of the country’s digital push. In a recent report by Aspiring minds it was found that only 2.5% of India’s engineers are aware of the next gen techs like AI, ML and DL. It goes without saying that India needs astonishing number of skilled professionals to achieve the dream of ‘Digital India’ and budding engineers in the country must focus their career on the advanced technologies.  Moreover next gen techs like Deep Learning for beginners can be very instrumental for a secure career.

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