Symptoms You Need to Get Your Car Battery Tested


Car batteries are the source of power that makes the car move. Even with a fully functional car, you cannot make it move, unless the batteries are in a perfect working state. But do not fret, unless you drain out your car battery by keeping the car doors open, or headlights turned on, your car battery will not betray you all of a sudden.

It will start sending you warning signs much in advance, to let you take action in time. At the retail center of the Bridgman battery replacement, we got to know about all those symptoms that say, the car battery either needs to get tested or replaced, to avoid getting stranded at the most crucial times. There the mechanics helped us know better regarding the maintenance of the car batteries, and that was inspiring enough for us to feel like sharing with you all.

Low Cranking of the Engine

The first ever sign that the car battery is not in good health is a slow cranking of the engine, when you try to start the vehicle. If the engine gives out a sluggish response, it is being indicative of a faulty car battery.

Low Battery Fluid Level

In the modern cars, the batteries are consistent of a translucent casing that shows the fluid level of the battery. One needs to keep an eye on this fluid level, to ensure the battery doesn’t go down.

Bloated Battery Case

If the casing of the car battery gets bloated up, it is indicative of excessive heat that plays an important role in decreasing the lifespan of the said car battery.

Leakage of Battery Fluid

Batteries contain a fluid inside its casing that might start leaking due to excessive heat. The spilt fluid can cause corrosion around the battery terminals. In such cases, one needs to remove the gunk to avoid further damage to the car battery.

Turning Old

A car battery can at best run at its best for three years. Sometimes it can run even beyond  but, provided you take good care of it, and drive with a careful mind, using the battery run components wisely. But if the battery has already reached its retiring age, you need to be on the standby to get it tested and replaced, before venturing out for a long road trip.

Maintaining Your Car Battery

As mentioned earlier, the lifespan of a car battery can be extended if you use it carefully. The mechanics at the Bridgman battery testing center showed us how. They suggested not to run all the battery operated mechanisms at a time, like the infotainment system and the USB chargers, the headlights and the interior lighting etc. They further added that the car battery can also drain out overnight if there is a fault in any of the electrical components or in its wiring. So, one needs to check for all these symptoms carefully, and take actions immediately, to save the battery life of their vehicles, which is surely an expensive investment.

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