Steven Rindner: A Top-level Marketing & Legal Mind The World Has Not Seen Much


When you glance at the resume of Steven Rindner, the term “jack of all trades” may come to mind – and for good reason. Rindner has a wealth of experience in and exposure to a wide range of industries. However, what makes him stand out in the contemporary business landscape is the fact that he has mastered each one of them thanks to the unique combination of his legal skills and business savvy.

With over 16 years of experience at the executive level in marketing, media, and technology, Rindner is considered a force to be reckoned in today’s fast-paced digital world. He has served as a chief strategy officer as well as the general counsel of a digital sport media company.

However, Rindner has also served as the founder and chief executive officer of a vitamin/mineral nutrition company, which demonstrates his passion for health care. At this company, Rindner led his team in executing both retail and online marketing strategies. He has additionally overseen corporate and business development teams on behalf of Fortune 100 companies – for example, AOL and Citigroup – as well as private equity–owned companies.

When it comes to growing businesses, you’d be hard pressed to find someone with as strong of a track record as Rindner has. Rindner has consistently executed business strategies for both small startups and large multinational corporations. In addition, he has negotiated all aspects of debt and equity financings along with acquisitions.

It is the analytical and decision making skills of a marketing manager that helps them to develop strategies and sell a product or a concept in the market. Also there are factors like budget and time which counts a lot for a business. Accepting a marketing campaign never gets easy, but it is completely the skill of the marketing manager that makes it presentable. Know what your business wants to promote and then set your marketing plan accordingly. Successful marketing of a brand depends a lot on how the focus has been given on the detailed description, and how each and every characteristic has been put up.

Planning, directing the plan and letting your entire team work coherently according to the marketing strategy determines whether it is going to succeed or not. And marketing managers like Steven shows it every single day how it works. You need to be passionate for your brand, and this is seen in each and every step the manager puts in setting up a successful campaign.

Although promoting business growth, closing partnerships, and developing joint ventures across industries is clearly Rindner’s forte, he is just as passionate about the law. Steven Rindner formerly filled an assistant U.S. attorney role and served as a corporate lawyer with New York’s Sherman & Sterling, an international law firm. With his top-notch marketing, legal, and business leadership expertise, he will no doubt continue to have a legacy-leaving impact on the modern marketplace.

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