Balancing Perfectly Life as a Parent in The Opinion of Jonah Engler Silberman


One of the most challenging tasks in the life of an individual is to be a parent; although it is easy to call yourself a parent as soon as you welcome a baby into your house, yet it is equally and more painful than that to be a parent, in the real sense of the word. Being a parent does not merely mean the act of giving your surname, and having your name written on the child’s birth certificate, but a full time job. Jonah Engler Silberman sets the perfect example of how to manage the different roles in your life efficiently.

His role of being a father is of grave importance to him which is why, despite having such a lot of work load; he makes it a point to spend time with his children. He is an excellent business owner and a really busy one, but that does not stop him from being with the children. In fact, his strategy is something that all fathers can learn from, instead of complaining about the fact the he carry out the activities of his liking, because of the kids, he simply includes them in those things. For instance, if you love fishing then take your children along with you and let them catch a fish or two. This gives you a dual advantage – you get to do what you like doing and the kids too enjoy themselves and have you by their side, so they do not feel lonely.

As a parent, it is extremely important that you prepare your child both mentally and physically to be able to face the world in the future. Telling them verbally or instructing them does not help too much, especially with the kind of mind frame the younger generations are building. Teaching them tactfully through real life experiences is what has a profound effect on their minds. The present generation always requires something tangible, something that they can see and touch so that they can believe; therefore, the challenges of a parent are increasing every day.

However, handling children and imbibing them with the best values is not a mammoth task if you work in partnership; this partnership is of you and your spouse. The better the relation between you and your spouse, the  easier it is to show love and affection to your children as well; but if things are not in the happy mode between you two, you will find it rather tedious and irritating to handle even the slightest tantrums of your children.

Patience is the only virtue that can help you go along life’s path both as spouse and as a parent, smoothly. Jonah Engler Silberman has successfully adopted this element in his life and that is why his relationship with his children is a treat to the eyes. He plans trips with them and makes sure to arrange family vacations at least once a year to Disney World. His aspiration to become a better father is not just restricted to his premises; he indulges in doing charity for little children such as the Children of Promise foundation, to nurture his parenting skills.

Parenting becomes a joyful thing to do when you understand the priorities of your life and have every relation within your life sorted out properly.

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