Sponsor licence processing time


When making a sponsor licence application, the first most important thing is to know the sponsor licence application processing time and what the application entails.

Knowing this first step will help you in planning your application properly and filling all the gaps.

Usually, longer the time taken by the Government to process your application implies a refusal or rejection.

Ideally, every application takes 8 weeks to decide its fate.

Let us discover a few aspects of sponsor licence application.

The usual processing time

As aforementioned, usually any sponsor licence application takes 6-8 weeks by the Home office to process. So, employers can easily take about 2 months in planning and preparation.

All qualifying UK employers should take note that the current pandemic difficulties are influencing Home Office tasks, and this is probably going to be aggravated by the normal flood in applications as businesses get ready for the new immigration system.

From 1 January 2021, businesses should hold a legitimate sponsor licence to employ non-UK occupant workers, including EU residents going to the UK from 2021. Businesses who don’t have a licence will not be able to recruit specialists or broaden work licenses for current workers.

Challenging in processing time

There are certain challenges that are certain to arise in the licence processing time owing to the intricacy of the businesses construction and size, given there will essentially be more documentation and data to be evaluated.

Also, regardless of whether the Home Office chose to visit the premises to direct a consistent review or audit. And, finally  the nature of the application submission and how well it follows the predetermined application prerequisites corresponding to supporting documentation.

Breakthrough in the processing time

Recently, post Brexit the frequency of sponsor licence application has significantly increased.

A super priority application service can help you expedite your application within 10 working days in just £500 additional charges.

The businesses who need to hire global talent and immediately issue Certificate of Sponsorship(CoS) can opt for priority service.

Application stages that affect processing time

The first stage for every organisation for applying for a sponsor licence application has to be to prove the genuineness of the firm.

The following prerequisites are most important:

  • They are a certifiable business working legally in the UK
  • Their key faculty named on the application are straightforward, trustworthy and reliable
  • They are offering certifiable business that meets the significant ability level and fitting pace of paying their employees.
  • They know about and equipped for completing their licence obligations, they have fitting HR and enrollment frameworks and practices set up

The next crucial stage is organisations finishing an online application and giving supporting documentation to meet the fundamental evidentiary prerequisites. This should be provided inside five days of the underlying application.

Inability to present all necessary records will bring about an application being deferred or dismissed and further expenses being caused.

Following the receipt of these archives, the business may then be dependent upon a consistent visit or audit  from UK Visas and Immigration(UKVI), who will survey whether to concede the licence.

Make a successful application

Any attempt towards a sponsor licence application must be made carefully since the documentation needed requires a lot of work and efficiency. Choose A Y & J Solicitors to help you with documentation assistance and making a successful application.

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