Some Unique Cakes from Around The World

It’s hard to believe that one thing that is common in almost all the countries is cake, Yes! A dessert is what binds us all together. A cake is present in different forms and types in literally all the cultures around the globe; some varieties are so unique that you might have never even heard of them. So, for the fun part, here we are mentioning some of the most unique and water watering cakes from different countries around the globe.

Bee Stung Cake of Germany

Also known by the name of Bienenstich, this delicious bavarian dessert is made out of dough of sweetened yeast, with baked caramelised almonds and honey on top with vanilla frosting in the middle. Regarding the name of the cake, legend has it that there was a bee in the top layer of the cake and the baker was stung by it. An exciting story with a scrumptious cake, who would say no to that?

United State’s Apple Stack Cake

As the name indicates, this cake is just layers of cakes with apple fillings stacked on top of another, with powdered sugar as the only available toping. Traditionally these cakes were made in a cast-iron skillet, but now they are mostly baked.

Orange Ricotta Cake Roll from Italy

This uniquely fantastic cake is made from scratch by combining three very different types of ingredients Ricotta cheese, zest and juice of oranges and unsalted butter. These things usually dont work together, but somehow Italians did it, and it is actually one of the main desserts served on Christmas eve.

Classic Mexican Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches directly translates to Three milk; the cake got its name as this cake is made up of three types of milk- evaporated, condensed and cream. The airy texture of this richly spongey cake has made it a favourite of all Mexicans; one taste is enough to turn you into a fan and make you go wow.

Sacher Torte from Austria

This traditional cake or torte from Austria is delightfully moist and melts in your mouth. It is believed that the cake was first baked in 1832 by a baker named Franz Sacher in Vienna, getting its name from its maker. The cake is made with amazing chocolate and apricot preserves.

Dutch Apple Cake from The Netherlands

The old dutch apple cake is made with peeled apples, cinnamon and vanilla extract and is a favourite of every person who has had the privilege of tasting it. The rustic includes crunchy almonds and apricots and then cut into long rectangular pieces to be served with tea or coffee.

Poteca Cake from Slovania

The prettylooking cake is made from scratch with active dry yeast, dry walnuts, chopped dates and milk. The delicious cake looks like a vast doughnut and is said to be one of the most deliciously fragrant cakes out there. The cake is mainly consumed by Slavonic people with almost all kinda beverages.

Caribbean Coconut Rum Cake from Jamaica

Make way for the most deliciously amazing tropical cake from the wonderful Jamaican people. The cake includes the yummiest taste of coconuts,  softened butter, vanilla pudding and its main ingredient Amber Rum. All the elements work amazingly well together, and the baker suggests soaking the cake in rum as long as you can for that perfect hit. Though you might wanna watch whom you are serving the spirit-y dessert to.

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