Briggs & Stratton 1022ER Single Stage Snow


Snow throwers are the easiest tool to clear driveways and patios. A shovel could be great in emergencies, and a two-stage snow thrower is way too big to store. So, what we need is something that is in between, precisely a single-stage snow thrower.

It is a machine, so you do not need to clear snow manually. Neither it is too big or expensive not to be eligible to buy when you do not have a large driveway. Let’s talk about Briggs & Stratton 1022ER right below.


Review of Briggs & Stratton 1022ER

 1022ER is a sturdy snow thrower. Every part of it is made of high-quality materials. Be it the chute, auger, tires, or the engine. Even the control handles are made in such a way that they can be pulled, rotated, pushed even with the mittened hand. It is compact, so not going to take much space to store.

Snow Series Engine

 The snow thrower is driven by a Briggs & Stratton 950 snow series 208 cubic cm engine. The engines from this series are made to tackle the toughest of conditions. So, this one handles winter conditions pretty well. It does it by not only starting strong but maintaining the power too. It allows an electric start. So, it doesn’t matter how many days the machine was under the shed. Or, in the garage. Neither it matters how low the temperature is. We are not talking about any low temperature, but down to -20°F below zero. The snow thrower starts at once. So, clearly, it tackles a very low one with ease. Plug the cord, push the button, and that is just about it.

 Chute and Deflector

 Both its chute and deflector makes it the best single stage snow blower. The chute has a mounted handle on it. Also, there is a rotation handle to move it from left to right. You can change the height of the chute by squeezing the chute-mounted handle. The change in the height and distance throws the snow at a spot that you prefer. The snow thrower is easy to control with one hand. It glides on and cuts snow smooth. So deflecting the chute with one hand on the go is not even a concern.


 Next comes the auger. It has a serrated auger-assisted drive system that is apt for paved surfaces. The flexible rubber-edged, wear-resistant auger mashes snow better. It doesn’t get stagnant due to the snow stuck in between the blades. They are easy to clean, as well.

 Clearing Path

 It has a 22-inch width and can dig deep into and plough through 12.5-inch snow. So, a relatively moderate-sized driveway will take very little time to clear with this one. Compare it to a shovel, and a broken back, and it is a healthy option for you.


  • Compact, easy to control and store
  • 208 cubic cm, 4-stroke OHV engine
  • Electric start below down to 20-degree
  • Serrated auger with curved rubber edge
  • Remote chute rotation handle and quick-adjust deflector


  • Not for packed snow

Any single-stage snow thrower must clear light to moderate snow without much effort or stuck in between. Easy maneuvering is the key. And 1022ER does that job with absolute finesse.



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