Significance of GoPigeon Integration API Integration


As it is very necessary for shipping agents and sellers to move the goods very fast, but it depends on shipping software that how it operates in the integration process. GoPigeon Integration API helps you to maintain your business well. It helps you to keep track of your goods with the help of GoPigeon integration tracking API. With the help of tracking API, you can check where your goods are and can let the customers know about them. It helps you to control your transportation and organize the business. Ezyslips provides detailed information about the API.

GoPigeon Integration API also helps in the movement of goods in bulk quantity. It helps you to organize and automate your back office. It helps you to save your time by reducing manual work. It provides faster processing of orders effectively and efficiently. It helps you to connect with several warehouses and generate information about the shipping of goods for each of the item that you want to ship. It assigns tracking numbers and generates shipping labels in bulk.

The software has the ability to handle different brands at different destinations. It has numerous features which include the ability to identify reverse pick up requests, bulk movement of goods and integration with multiple warehouses.

Gopigeon API integration provides several link-ups with various carriers such as Ecom, Aramex, Bluedart and FedEx. You can create a request to coordinate the movement of your goods.

It provides many other advantages to the customers such as:


  • It can process orders from multiple sales channel
  • It can automate API integration with all other leading carriers
  • It can generate shipping labels in bulk
  • It can create pickup request, manifest and many more
  • It is also capable of handling several warehouses at one time


  • It can manage GST taxes and HSN codes product wise
  • It includes cash on delivery reconciliation panel
  • It can generate weekly/monthly SGST, CGST, and IGST tax reports


It informs the customers about various things such as

  • Confirmation of orders
  • Packing of orders
  • Handed order to the courier
  • Shipping of order

The process of integration of API is very easy and simple. It is also very fast in comparison to other logistics partners. It also reduces the problem of processing each order manually by providing the service of bulk orders processing. GoPigeon API integration also provides a new feature known as Intelligent Courier Allocation. It helps in optimizing the network of logistics partners and aims at faster delivery of goods, quick settlement of claims and higher return to origin. GoPigeon provides the easiest way to ship package anywhere in the world without any issue of dealing with multiple surface courier companies. It has the ability to process the orders at a single time irrespective of their numbers. Whether the orders can be 1 or 1000 or more they can be processed by GoPigeon in one go.

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