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Sudoku is one of the popular online puzzle games for all the people of all time. The main goal of Sudoku is to fill 9*9 grids with numbers so that here each row and column which contains 3*3 section in that of all the digits between 1 and 9. Here the logic of the Sudoku game which is an excellent brain game and here when you play this game daily you can see the difference and improvements in your concentration level and the overall activity of your brain power. And this game will be also your favorite online game. And in online this game is available where you can play free Sudoku.

The logical way of thinking is increased for students and the problem solving methods will also be different when they start playing this type of games. This Sudoku game is for all age type of peoples can play this game. Here mathematical calculation and knowledge is not necessary to solve the puzzle only analytical knowledge is needed.

This Sudoku game is a popular Japanese puzzle game and based on the logical placement of numbers here there is no any calculation or mathematical skills required to solve this puzzle game all the necessary thing you are needed is brain and concentration. If students start playing the Sudoku game from the younger age onwards their concentration power will be increased and their brain power will also be more active. If a student start playing once they will start continuing this game for the since the solution finding for this game is a tricky way.

How to play Sudoku

The main goal of Sudoku game is just to fill the 9*9 grid with digits. At the beginning of the game this 9*9 grid will be having sum of the squares filled with numbers and your job is to you see and use a logical way to fill the missing digits and to complete the grid. And here in this 9*9 grid any row which contains more than one of the same number from 1 to 9 will not be considered and the same way in any column which it contain only the number from 1 to 9 the repeated numbers will not be accepted. In 3*3 grid which contains more than one of the same number from 1 to 9.

What are the tips to play Sudoku game?

This is one of the free Sudoku puzzle game which is available in the online in a popular way. For beginners learning Sudoku game will be a bit difficult one but then they start to play they can improve their concentration power and their brain skill there are some of the tips which will be very useful for a complete beginner to start the game then you look for rows and columns of 3*3, 3 section which will contain five more numbers you just walk through the remaining empty cells and try the numbers that have been not used in those empty cells. In most of the cases you will be finding the numbers which are placed in one position and considering that the other numbers which are already in the row column and 3 cross 3 grid.

If you are confused visually you just break up the grid into 3 columns and 3 rows in that each large column will have 3,3*3 grids while the same day each row will have 3, 3*3 grids. Here look out the columns or the grids which have 2 of the same number. Logically here you have to think that there must be 3rd copy of the same number in only remaining 9 cell sections so you look at the remaining 9 position and that you can find the location of the missing number. If this method you found to follow then easily you solve the puzzle.

Where these tips will help you to learn little more about Sudoku and you can start playing the game interestingly.

In other words to say in a simple manner if you refer this 9*9 Sudoku in each row and column that number should not be repeated twice this is the main instruction that you have to use while playing this game. If you start playing this game you this will also bring you relax and also you will find way to involve in any other unwanted activities. So playing this type of puzzle games will bring you only positive energy around you.

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