Plan-of-Action When You Lose Your Job

With no jobs in the Melbourne market, have you thought-out a plan of action (POA), in case you lose your job? Do you have a strategy to catch the next opportunity? Losing a job can mitigate a lot of negative thoughts – especially if it is related to your performance or not. As a staffing agency in Melbourne, we can discuss your plan-of-action when you lose a job.

Don’t Panic.

Losing a job is stressful. It makes us lose clarity and may lead to anxiety. However, it is time you clear your head and have an open mind. Accept your situation, take stock of your feelings, and allow yourself to feel unhappy. Give space to your emotions and learn to see the big picture. This will enables you to act responsibly.

Determine your course of action.

Calculate your savingsand evaluate your financial situation to determine if you need a job right away. Can you go back to college to complete school, get a degree or hone your skills? Should you look for a comparable job within the same industry orconsider a career change? Target the companies you have wanted to work at.

Ask for help

When you need help, ask, there is nothing wrong in it. Who should you ask? Friends, friends-of-friends, staffing agencies, and recruitment companiescan help in revising your resume or simply listening to you or applying for benefits when you are facing severe financial hardship.

A job will not come your way.

Don’t expect a job will find you, it will not come your way. You must post an updated resume to job boards, connect with labour recruitment agencies in Melbourne. Follow up with friends, family, and recruiters on the status of your application. Many people, about 60-80% find jobs through networking. Talk to previous colleagues, professors, and managers. Join LinkedIn and industry groups. Interact and network to ensure everybody knows you are on a job hunt.

Don’t blame or burn bridges.

Focus on getting the job rather than playing the blame game as in the long run it will not matter how you lost your job. Gracefully accept the fact you lost the job. If possible, maintain a good rapport with your former employers; they are your reference. Try to stay on top of your industry, try not to miss out on any new opportunities. Be aware of the certifications, latest technology, and industry developments.

Re-evaluate yourself.

Check your job description, evaluate your technical and soft skills and improve them. Match your resume with the job descriptions, and dig out experiences, skills, and achievements. Sometimes, we forget tasks, responsibilities, and understate our achievements. Any projects completed in school or at work illustrate your skill-level.

Prepare yourself to be investigated.

You must be ready to be investigated by your staffing agency in Melbourne. Review your social media profile because hiring managers and recruiters will look at your social media profile.

Losing a job may bring an onslaught of problems, but opens the door to opportunities, a better career and future. Connect with labour recruitment agencies in Melbourne and begin job hunting.

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