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I and Lauren are friends since high school. Although we were not classmates and she was in senior year when we got acquainted first but the connection was real. So you know that we have been at each other’s side through thick and thin. Recently I observed a very toxic pattern and was about to confront her but she took the initiative as always and discussed all it herself. First about the pattern, she was always on phone. Whether it is coming to work, in between work, lunch break, coffee break, or anything. Whenever she was not unable to call, she uses the text service as I have seen her slipping under the table with her phone during the meeting. Long story short it was all because she said she is worried about her son’s wellbeing so she talks to him all the time to let him know she cares.

Now the toxic pattern is not showing how much she cares but the path she chose to show that affection is in fact in the long run. I know it has become hard to manage work and home especially when she has moved a bit farther from the workplace and travel time is increased, and the kid has been to high school and she is mostly not there because of work. But still, that obsessive call disorder will distort her relation with the child because we all know teens repel controlled behavior. Moreover, I know the kid, he is a good child but a mother’s heart is always like that. So to help my friend in this crisis I told her to get any of the best parental control app for iPhone.I did thorough research for her and am going to share that with you all here.

Avoid Spam Calls:

She had a habit of hourly check on her and if he did not reply to her calls or text she would be super hyper and worried. Well, no need for hourly calls or minute checks as you can simply keep an eye on the incoming and outgoing call history of the target. To whom are they calling and at what hour, the iPhone spy app records every information from the user remotely.

Listen To Secret Calls:

You can even listen to any secret call of your kid to know about the day’s plan or any activity. If the kid has a plan to skip school with friends, then TheOneSpy will let you know about that plan on time. The call recording feature is a blessing for parents who don’t want anyone to bother their kids with spam calls or other evil missions.

Simple Ok Text Cant Hurt:

Well, you are right Lauren a simple ok text cant hurt when you can see him online. But how about having remote access to that text box to know with whom they are busy. iPhone spy app lets the user know all about the text contacts and content in detail with complete timestamp information. You can even keep an eye on the instant message chat app folder as well as the spy app has got your back.

Remote Check On The Safety:

The best feature about using the spy app is the safe area and restricted area mode. Users can virtually mark a safe and restricted zone on the google map for the target person. Any movement outside the marked safe zone or towards the no go area is recorded and reported to the user immediately by the spy app for iPhone. No need to make tons of calls to know if the kid reached home from school or not because you can simply track the movement of the kid in real-time with complete timestamp information.

TheOneSpy not only offers the best parental control app for iPhone but also it can be your secret business partner at work as well. The employee monitoring feature can help all the employers to know about the workday of all the employees through the official gadgets. Android, Mac, and Windows spy apps are the different versions of monitoring software offered. Just give it a try and get amazed by the wonderful technology.

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