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Meaning: –

As the name itself suggests OVGuide (Online Video Guide) is an online multimedia host websites aggregator and displays tons of results from different websites all across the internet. It is a kind of search engine specially designed for multimedia file searches (Movies, Television shows, Video Clips, Documentaries, Biographies and much more).

It became a major player in the industry after acquiring FOTV Media Networks Inc. for a staggering price of $10 million in 2016.

History: –

Talking about a little history about OVGuide, we can trace its establishment back to the year 2006 in Beverly Hills, California, United stated of America. It started out as a simple company with an aggregator function with no cool features as it has today. Over the years the constant innovation, development and acquisitions have resulted in the success and building a good reputation for the company.

Acquisitions: –

The company (OVGuide) made three major acquisitions till now. The very first one was done back in 2010 when the company acquired iBeatYou which is also an online multimedia company based on similar lines. The designers at iBeatYou played a major role in releasing a better and improved version of OVGuide which was launched in late 2010 itself. Later, iBeatYou was acquired from OVGuide by Photo Bucket. This deal amounted to a massive $2.975 million dollars and was agreed upon as an all-stock deal.

The second acquisition dates back to 2012 when the company acquired Live Matrix which was an online live video-sharing platform in the hope of getting an entry into the live video industry.

Although the value of the deal is not revealed, a special clause in the deal made Sanjay Reddy who was the CEO and co-founder of Live Matrix the CEO of OVguide. This too was an all-stock deal.

Live Streaming event: –

OVGuide got its name engraved in golden letters in the book of history back in February 2009. It participated in the live streaming event of Leeza Gibbons which was an Oscar dinner and party.

It was the first time in the history of Academy awards that a scar party went live for the world to see.

Platform: –

If you are still unclear about where to head to watch your favourite movies and TV shows on OVGuide read below to find out.

OVguide is available on two major popular platforms. It has a website of its own.

Website: -

Other than that it also has an Android as well as an iOS application that can be downloaded free of cost from the Google Play Store.

IOS: –

Android Download link: –

Overall Experience: –

Based on the review stars and the comments about the website it can be concluded that the site is a super duper hit among the current internet savvy generation. You can find a good 3.5-star plus rating with plenty of positive comments representing the good time people have by finding their desired files in a single place.

Coming to the different side of the same coin. The negative reviews. You can find a ton of negative reviews related to the quality of the content present on the site.

Overall, there are mixed reviews related to the site.

You can enjoy this service free of cost and without any subscription charges etc. Plus like any other video streaming service you can use this application on various devices like mobile phones, tabs, laptops, television etc. at the same time too.

Websites: –

As the word online aggregator means, OVGuide is a kind of search engine for multimedia files like movies, TV Shows, video clips, biographies, documentaries and a lot more. It does not stream or host any content of its own, unlike other such sites.

Currently,OVGuide has over three thousand websites listed with it and the number is continuously increasing. It will soon become the largest video aggregator at this speed. Getting a website listed with it is a pretty simple task, you just have to submit a request and the editorial team will personally check out the quality of your content that you host. If they find it satisfactory they will approve your site and list it in their directory.

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