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With the high costs of living and ever-skyrocketing inflation rates having become an almost existential feature of modern life, it comes as no surprise that people (be they from the wealthy, bourgeois segments of society – or those who are less fortunate in terms of financial and/or real-estate endowment) are increasingly on the lookout for solutions which promise multiple benefits or services that pose a lesser burden on the pocket book. Instead of individually subscribing to separate Cable T.V, Internet and Phone line services, let’s say, they would prefer to sign-up for all-inclusive package or bundle deals that offer some or all of these amenities – ideally for the price of one. This purchasing trend, having initially been devised by burgeoning ISP companies hopeful of increasing their market shares through specialized competitive-edge stratagems, has now caught on to such an extent with consumers that some service vendors have refused to offer separate entertainment services altogether. Charter Spectrum Internet, being a leading services provider in the ISP industry (with its reputation now having become concretized in the minds of subscribers – based on many years of stellar service; additionally in the domains of Cable T.V and Digital Phone commitments too), offers a series of exciting and completely affordable ‘Double Play’ bundle deals in the same vein – but with an added emphasis on providing consistency of service.

Charter Spectrum Double Play subscription

What does Charter’s ‘Double Play’ Bundle Plans Service include?

Through Charter’s Double Play Bundle packages, users are afforded the opportunity to experience a combination of either high-speed Charter Spectrum Internet, HD T.V Cable and/or Digital Phone subscriptions – in a fun 2-out-3 services deal. For customers desirous of subscribing to the company’s full range of Internet, Cable and Digital Phone Services – they can check out Charter’s exclusive and unparalleled ‘Triple Play’ Bundle plans.

There are a total of 3 Charter Double Play Bundle deals currently on offer.


Charter Internet PLUS & Spectrum Voice (Double Play – 1)

The first Double Play Bundle deal offers Charter’s premier high-speed Internet service, which features blazingly-fast data transfer speeds starting with a mind-blowing connection rate of 60 Mbps. The Internet plan is unlimited, in that there are no data-cap restrictions enforced upon it by Charter – meaning that users can easily surf, stream or download their favorite online content without ever having to worry about exhausting their monthly data-volume limits. In addition, the plan features free and state-of-the-art Security Suite enhancements from the server end, thereby providing subscribers with round-the-clock anti-virus, anti-spamming and anti-hacking protections. And if all this wasn’t enough, Charter Spectrum Internet offers a free Modem attached with all of its data plans – which is a definite plus, by any account!

The second service included in this bundle is Charter’s uncompromising Spectrum Voice Digital Phone subscription. With the said plan service, busy talkers are offered the chance to converse non-stop with their friends and loved ones through Charter’s unlimited nationwide calling coverage. In addition, subscribers can process calls on any time of the day to Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands – with crisp and unfailing sound transmission quality. The Digital Phone plan comes enhanced with neat Voicemail, Caller-ID, and Call-Waiting capabilities (at no additional cost), and free ‘411 & Private Listing’ features.

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