Non-Jailbreak iOS Spy Software

Whether you are a concerned mom or a cynical employer, you might have several reasons to spy on the mobile phone of someone else. The suspicious phone calls of your teen daughter may make you listen to her private calls secretly, whereas, the unproductive activities of your workforce may have induced you to track their workplace conversations. Everyone have some reason to be aware of the communication of someone. However, accessing the mobile phone of someone else to monitor the secret activities of the phone owner is problematic especially when it is an iPhone. The full proof security of the iOS based mobile phones makes it challenging for parents and employers to sneak into the iPhones of their children and workers. You cannot access the data stored in an iPhone unless you know the passcode of the mobile device. Still, there are ways to break into the iOS based mobile phones of offspring and work personnel.

While the technological advancement has provided us with the high-tech iPhone mobile devices, it has also given applications and software to secretly spy on these smartphones. The parents and employers can monitor the iPhones of their kids and workers by tracking their mobile phone devices with the iOS spy software. You can monitor almost every activity performed on an iPhone with the help of iPhone monitoring software. From messages and call logs to internet use, the tracking app lets you access the necessary information stored on the iOS phones of your loved ones and work personnel.

The Role of iOS Spy Software

The iOS monitoring applications are particularly intended for parents and entrepreneurs to remotely track and manage the iPhones of offspring and workers. While the monitoring software enables parents to supervise the online and offline activities of their teens, the employers can take the advantage of the spyware to restrict their workers from getting engaged in unproductive and malicious activities. The parents can protect their children from predators, persecutors and scammers by keeping tabs on their activities in the real and online world. The employers can monitor the internal and external communication of the employees to make sure they communicate with the co-workers, clients and third parties in an appropriate way. Also, they can supervise the internet use of the workers to prevent them from killing their working hours doing unproductive chores.

iOS Jailbreaking

The biggest disadvantage of iOS monitoring apps is iOS jailbreak. You need to jailbreak the target iPhone to get it installed with the spy software. Apple does not allow the user to install apps from unknown sources. To install third party spy software, the iPhone user need to jailbreak the iOS device.

iOS jailbreaking means bypassing the software restrictions imposed by the manufacturers. It gives you complete control over your mobile phone which enables you to experiment exciting features. However, the jailbreaking is not a recommended action because it nullifies the smartphone warranty. The manufacturer company does not take responsibility of any loss occurred due to iOS jailbreak. The iPhone owner is responsible for any damage occurred during jailbreak process. Moreover, a jailbroken phone is more vulnerable to viruses and malware because you break the full proof security of the smartphone.

Non-Jailbreak iOS Spy Software

If you do not want to take the risk of iOS jailbreak, there is a non-jailbreak monitoring solution available. There is a spy app that lets you monitor the iPhone of your kids and workers without jailbreaking them and without installing spyware on the target phone. OgyMogy is a high-tech surveillance app that lets you track an iPhone without jailbreaking it and installing it with spy software. You do not need to access the mobile phone device of your target to monitor the data stored on the phone storage.

How to Get Non-Jailbreak iOS Monitoring Solution?

The non-jailbreak iOS spy solution can be availed in a few simple steps. First, register yourself to OgyMogy iPhone monitoring app. Subscribe to the software to get the secret credentials of the online account of the app. You need to be aware of the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone to monitor it through the non-jailbreak spy app. Put the credentials on the control panel of the spyware and start monitoring the smartphone.

Features of Non-Jailbreak iOS Spy Software

The non-jailbreak tracking software offers numerous features to remotely monitor the iPhone device of someone else. We have rounded up here the core features of the spyware to let you understand how this app helps you keep your teens and workers under surveillance.

Monitor Messages

The OgyMogy monitoring app lets you read the messages of your target without accessing the monitored iOS based device. The app accesses the messages received and sent from the monitored iPhone and uploads to the online control panel. By logging into the secret control panel of the iPhone spyware, you can read the text and multimedia messages of your target. The SMS log provides you with the contact numbers from where the messages have been received or sent.

Monitor Instant Messages

The high-tech iPhone tracking app lets you monitor the instant messages of your target. The spyware tracks the messages sent and received via WhatsApp and Kik messenger. You can read the content of the instant messages and get the contact detail of the message senders and recipients.

Track Call logs

The non-jailbreak spy solution lets you track the phone calls of your target. You can see the detail of all incoming and outgoing phone calls including the call time, call duration and contact numbers of the callers and recipients.

Access Web History

The spyware lets you monitor the internet use of your teens. You can access the internet browsing history of the targeted iPhone to see which websites are being visited and how frequently.

Monitor Bookmarks

The iPhone surveillance software provides you with detail of the webpages bookmarked on the monitored phone’s web browser. It lets you know which websites or information is of keen interest of your kids.

That is not all. The iPhone spy software offers numerous other features to let you supervise the smartphone use of your teens and workers. You can know more about the software from the official webpage of the non-jailbreak spy solution.


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