Most Essential Pieces of Gear for Motorbike Travelling


Motorbike traveling is great fun but it welcomes great risks and dangers as well. But you don’t have to be worried if you are making use of these following most essential pieces of gear while you are traveling on your motorbike.


Helmet does not only protect you from chilly winds and flying bugs, but it protects you in case of any adversity. Some major accidents can drag you to a long distance and helmet is the only way to save your head and face. Helmet secures the most important part of your body that is head. Even though you are still vulnerable to the consequences of a severe accident while wearing helmet, it can at least save your life. Imagine being dragged on a road after hitting a car with your face being in contact with the road. Not only the brain, but the other parts including your eyes, nose, and tooth are also exposed to great damage. Use soft padded helmet that is fit to your head so that it can give firm support. Now-a-days, people are wearing funky helmets as well which make you look cool while on the road. So, you can be stylish while protecting yourself.

Motorbike jacket

It is a great piece of motorbike gear that makes you look smart while offering great advantages on the other hand. Different jackets are made from different materials to offer great comfort, durability, safety, and style. Leather jackets are amazing, they can be the best-looking jackets that can protect you from chilly winds in winter. However, they cannot be worn in summer at all and therefore perforated leather jackets are ideal for summer. So, if you still feel too hot in summer to wear light jacket just remind yourself that it’s better to sweat than to bleed. The armored jackets are super comfortable with extra protection given by soft pads that can protect you from the injury. Well, it’s true that wearing these jackets can save you 100% from the injury but it can minimize the effect. The bones of your hands, elbows, shoulders and other parts are still in danger but it at least can save your skin ripping off your body when you hit the road after an accident. Commonly, women motorbike riders are more aware of wearing leather motorcycle jackets, as they are more protective towards their body and beauty. 


Similar to jackets, leather pants must be worn while riding a motorbike and it must contain armor support around knees and hips. Don’t wear loose pant and it should not be too tight either. Make sure the armor in the pant does not stay out of the actual place. The pants made from textile material are also good, just like nylon fabric that offers high abrasion resistance that is ideal for long tour. If you want to wear your denim while riding then you must wear leather chaps on them which protect you from wind, heat, as well as from rashes in case of falling down from the motorbike.


For your tour, your entire luggage is carried on the bike that obviously makes your bike too heavy considering bike’s own weight. And most importantly, you have to carry this all on your feet while travelling to unsmooth surfaces. Therefore, you need to invest in a good pair of shoes that gives firm support to your feet, has non-slippery base, and is oil-resistant. Moreover, your boots should be high enough to cover your ankle while providing armor support with strong heels. If your boot misses any of these features, then you are in danger.


Your hands are extremely important for riding a bike, so it’s better to secure them, because a little damage can make you helpless for riding a bike in the middle of the tour. Choose those gloves that completely cover your hands, made from abrasion resistant material, provide firm support, and are well-stitched. Most important thing is armor inside your gloves that can instantly protect you if you land in a crash.

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