3 Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Alternative Engagement Rings


Most couples now prefer alternative engagement rings stones when they are getting engaged. The controversy surrounding diamonds has remained an issue in the eye of the public for several decades. Several people have expressed their concerns regarding the conditions under which diamonds are gotten in some nations. Other individuals are annoyed when they think of how jewellers are capable of influencing and controlling the availability and price of diamonds. Then, there are the couples that just desire an alternative to the traditional. This article offers some of the reasons why some couples choose to go ‘alternative’.

  1. Price

In spite of the reasoning behind the decision of an individual or a couple, there are several reasons why alternative gemstones should be taken into consideration for promise rings, engagement rings, and other varying forms of jewellery. The first and most clear reason is the price. Diamonds are costly. This fact can’t be disputed. The diamond’s size, the setting it gets placed in, and the utilization of other gemstones or diamonds in any ring can frequently drive the price right into thousands of dollars.

  1. Green lifestyle

Secondly, because the green lifestyle has turned into the choice lifestyle for an increasing number of individuals, a diamond’s monetary value is progressively seen as less important. More individuals are starting to see the use of diamonds as some kind of depletion of a natural resource and also as a source of the destruction of natural habitats. In fact, this is among the foremost reasons why some couples choose to go for alternative to conventional engagement rings. Also, concern for the environment gives way, for several individuals, for the methods that are used in mining diamonds. Unfortunately, in several countries that are unstable, the control of diamond mines is utilized as a means of funding illegal activities. Similarly, some couples see the purchase of diamond jewellery, engagement ring or otherwise, as more of some kind of societal expectation, instead of a personal choice.


  1. Gemstones used

Engagement, as well as wedding rings, are produced most commonly using one gemstone that’s set in equally precious metal. Nevertheless, they can be crafted from a wide variety of different natural materials like coral, jade, or even wood. Should any couple decide that they are going to have a traditional wedding, though, they might wish to buy an antique ring or to buy a pre-owned (secondhand) ring from an estate sale or a pawn shop. Popular alternatives used in traditional weddings include the utilization of rings that feature a significant cultural heritage. For instance, the utilization of Celtic jewellery is a very popular alternative for individuals that feature Irish ancestry. There are even some couples that choose to have tattoos around their ring fingers in place of wedding rings. Irrespective of the kind of engagement or wedding ring that any couple chooses, it’s meant to serve as a symbol of their lifelong commitment to and love for one another.


These are the foremost reasons for which several couples prefer to go for alternative engagement rings stones. If you have any questions regarding suitable options for you or would like to get further information, there are several online resources you can turn to.

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