Million Dollar Question – How to make money with Facebook Ads


Facebook is a social media platform which was created in 2004. However, it got operated in India around 2007-2008. Facebook is considered as the most famous social networking site. The initial use of this site was to get connected with the school and college friends. Despite that fact, the situation has completely changed. Now Facebook offers to let you run your business which can thrive on it. Not only that, Facebook provides you with a platform where you can run an advertisement campaign. But, people are oblivious about how to make money with Facebook ads.

Here, we need to understand, what Facebook is giving us that makes it unique from other social networking sites? It is about a home like feeling and personal touch which we get through communicating with an audience. You get a chance to communicate with lookalike audience through Facebook ads. Over the years, Facebook has evolved a lot right from the emojis, Messenger, Messenger calls, and video calling. Behind adding such features, Facebook has the only motto to ease communication.

Besides that, Facebook is a vast platform for the commencement of an online business. Any start-up owner or entrepreneur can simply start their business by circulating the information via status or messenger groups. Nowadays, who is not on Facebook! I think everyone has accounts on this most demanding social media platform. And, that is why anyone can make money posting ads for companies on Facebook. What you need to do is, just select your target audience on Facebook and specify the category of people who will see your Facebook Ad.

But before creating Facebook Ad you must know the tactics about how to start facebook ads. There are some steps which must be kept in mind while crafting Facebook Ad.

Use attractive and self-explanatory Image

Suppose you are creating Facebook Ad for a two-wheeler brand, you must use the appropriate and fascinating image. That image must be self-explanatory and enchanting enough to spell-bind the users. It must be appealing and force users to stop scrolling and pay attention to that particular ad. Your ad generates customers for brand only when a user stops to give a glance to your ad. Now we need to understand why that user stopped on your ad? Was it for text? No. it’s the game of an Image. User first notices image and then it gets decided whether that user is going to stop or not.

What is inside Facebook Ad 

It is the fact that content is the king. Content is an important component of any Facebook Ad. There is no doubt that the image is the prominent factor in generating the customer. However, the user will only stay on your ad if he/she finds your content useful. Therefore, you must give priority to publish the best content in your ad. Only a well versed and good content can communicate the idea briefly. This type of content leaves user inquisitive to follow the ad link.

Do the split test concept to evaluate the effectiveness 

You can test your ad campaigns by running more than one campaign at one time and crafting them differently. You can use the split test concept because this will surely give you visible results. This test will let you know about which content and pictures are gaining maximum traffic.

Be attentive to your leads 

Leads are those people who click on your Facebook Ad. There is no use if you don’t retrieve leads’ contact information. Whether it is an Email address or a phone number, all will be included in contact details. Don’t wait too long to implement a responsive layout. If you fail to get the details, you need to spend hours, days, weeks or years to reach the same people. You must have the database of all your leads, so be wise to get the details in the first time only. Capturing leads is the smartest move ever and it will surely save you a lot of money.

Don’t forget to track the CTR 

Click through Rate is the full form of CTR. CTR is the best thing to keep an eye on the performance of the campaign which must not get ignored. The more is the CTR the less is the cost per click. Most of the time marketers and advertisers think these numbers are not much important? However, this is the only number to determine the ROI of a Facebook Ad campaign and how efficiently your campaign is performing.

Start your Local Business

If you want to earn money through Facebook ads you need to run a very simple ad with company logo and an encouraging message to like your Facebook page. This Tech Review strategy must be adapted to get special weekly deals on company posts. The particular ad leads to the welcome page of the Facebook page. What you need to do it just like them and you get paid for likes. So this is the best way to make money with Facebook likes.

These are the strategies that one should consider before crafting any Facebook Ad. Through this, you explore the main area which is about how to start advertising on Facebook and how to make money with Facebook ads.

Summary –

Facebook is the best medium to make money virtually. So we have elaborated in the best possible way about how to make money with Facebook ads.


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