Medical Equipments for ICU Setup at Home for COPD Patients

In critical cases, doctors recommend for setting up ICU at home for COPD patients instead of admitting them to hospitals. This helps patients and their family to be with their loved ones instead in an unknown surroundings which increases the odds of getting better fast and also saves them from getting hurt financially. 

In this post you will find necessary machines required for setting up intensive care unit. 


CPAP / BIPAP Machine – 

There are two types of machines required CPAP ( Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy) as well as BPAP ( Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure ). Initially, CPAP machines are used but for more critical and advanced situations BPAP machines are used. 

The role of CPAP machine is to help OSA patients to breathe easily during sleep by increasing air pressure in throat so that the airway doesn’t collapse while breathing. This is less noisy and helps partner and patient itself to sleep comfortably.  

You will need a mask which will cover patient’s nose and mouth, an NCPAP mask which will cover only nose and a prong which fit into your nose. 

For patients who require more pressure relief then in that case, BPAP machine is required as CPAP machine offers pressure relief up to 3 cm while BPAP machine offers pressure relief starting from 4 cm.  

You can check other price details at respective online store. It is available for rent also for required period. 


Pulse Oximeter – 

It is an important tool required in emergency conditions used to determine the amount of oxygen in patient’s blood in order to check whether the patient needs supplement oxygen or not. 

This test is completely safe as it contains sensors which are attached to patient’s earlobes, fingertips, or on forehead for determining oxygen levels. 

To know price you can check this product on respective online store. 


Cardiac Monitor – 

This tool is responsible for determining cardiovascular health for measurement and treatment in form of electrical and pressure waveforms. There are some parameters specified by doctor for respiratory functioning. 

It is also available on rent and sale. You can get this at respective online store.  


Wheelchair – 

It is also important medical equipments required for setting up ICU at home. Wheelchairs comes with different variations like electric wheelchair, remote control wheelchair, stretcher etc. 

There are several wheelchairs made from high quality of steel and aluminium which ensures long lasting results. 

In addition to this, lightweight and portable wheelchairs are recommended for opd patients. 

Some of high quality of wheelchairs are powder Coated Steel Wheelchair, lightweight Aluminum Wheelchair.


Nebulizer –

Nebulizer derives a consistent breathe medications for at least 10 to 15 minutes or longer. This helps patients to breathe normally through mouth during treatment. 

In addition to this, inhalers from nebulizers produces short bursts of aerosol medications which helps patients to breathe easily pure oxygenated air. 


Ventilator – 

In order for patients to breathe natural purified air i.e., the process of inhaling and exhaling in lungs via oxygen concentrator, medical ventilation is required for patients who are unable to breathe properly. 

Apart from ICU and homecare it is also used in emergency conditions. You can check price and discounts details at respective online store. It is available for rent also for those who need it.  


Air mattress / Alpha bed – 

It is used in case the patients may be suffering from skin diseases like ulcers, in which skin covering bone areas got injured due to pressure. This is why patients are laid down on this bed to which the bubbled areas help in pressure distribution across the patient’s body so as to remove injuries. 

In most cases, it is rarely required according to the type of skin injury. 


Oxygen Concentrator – 

It is one of the important machine required for setting up intensive care unit (ICU) at home. It is required for those patients whose oxygen level are low. It takes external air as input and purifies them and supplied to patients. 

There are various oxygen concentrators are available which provides highly purified oxygen to patients. These machines come with intelligent delivery technology which supplies oxygen after detecting the breath pattern of patient. 

So it is crucial to select such concentrators which guarantees more amount of purified oxygen supply.  

Some of these machines are Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator, Meditech Oxytec Pro 2 Oxygen Concentrator, Philips Respironics Everflo Oxygen Concentrator. 

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