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These days, people are found to be more addicted to the web and social media portals like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This segment of the population is only found to be growing at a steady pace across the globe, thus prompting the corporate sector to look for ways and means to reach their target customers and to increase loyal customer base. Social media portals are indeed a great place to promote the brand of business, products, and services among the targeted customers. But it is necessary to know the latest trends to ensure effective business promotion.

Latest SMO trends

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  • Snap: Evolution of Span is expected to lead to new and interesting opportunities. It was previously known as Snapchat has only with time got better. Big things are being predicted by the industry experts for this platform in the near future. Snap successfully has changed the major trends including user expectations in the social media marketing world. It is due to Snap that communication’s ‘moment focused view’ is stated to be back again. It means more live, fresh and spontaneous content generation. Developers are also able to create plenty of apps focusing on the varied mobile platforms. Vertical videos are also introduced and made part of the mainstream. Currently, it has been seeking the development of products, which is clearly outside their focus domain purview that is exchanging messages. The expectation is to bring around real-world glasses for users to enjoy and capture first-person basis, visual information. When social media is concerned, Snap is likely to be there and also offer vital marketing opportunities.
  • Twitter not to be found much appreciating: According to industry experts, the Twitter experience is currently not well and only is expected to get worse. Some are of the opinion that it will die a natural death and others predicting it to be present for a couple of years or so. Twitter fatigue is expected to increase significantly this year. This platform is popular for delivering short updates at breakneck speed and also contributes towards plenty of outgoing and incoming tweets. Although exciting in the initial stages of its introduction, its charisma seems to have faded away, especially with users wanting something different and more. Users require greater details, more interesting and exciting contents, and want it to become much bigger. They also desire a slower pace. Instagram taking the cue has started slowing down its update pace.

Sensational experiences

The above are the trends that are being witnessed this 2018 and the social media platforms are expected to fulfill this role. No longer can it suffice its users to state about attending an event and show others their feeling of attending a live event. It is now accomplished through 360-degree images and live videos. The real-time posting also can solve conundrum immensely. The basic idea here is to involve others who are not or feel part of the show.

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