Irish Tradition in Flute and Bodhran


Ireland is a very traditionally rich country and is known around the world for the way the local people keep their tradition alive. Same goes for their taste in music, the music lovers have kept their traditional instruments alive and well throughout history and have even modified versions of them in order to suit personal preferences. Instruments like the Irish Bodhran are variations of the frame drum that gained popularity in Ireland and the Traditional Irish Flute is a popular Irish instrument that has echoed in the music history of the country. These two instruments have been the most famous in the Irish history along with various versions of the Harp the country has produced. Here we discuss them in further detail:

Bodhran Drums

There are numerous variations of the drums, both cylindrical drums and frame drums are included in those variations. Probably the most well-known frame drums are the Irish Bodhran Drums. The Bodhran is a Celtic frame drum that is generally beaten utilizing a stick and sometimes even bare hands. The round shaped frame can have variable diameter depending upon the inclination of the music lover who plays it. The music effects including true bass that is produced by a Bodhran can be controlled by using sticks at the back of them. The number and shape of sticks at the back of them contribute to the music effects and the intensity of them, these sticks can be single, cross, triangle or square formed dependent of the desired sound effects. A thin sheet or membrane that produces the sound is manufactured from either goat or buffalo skin and is stitched tightly across the round frame. The ease and fun to use features of the Irish Bodhran make them appealing to even new learners that want to get their grips on a music instrument.

Traditional Irish Flute

The flute is recognized to be in the woodwind category of instruments and music is formed from the openings in its body when air passes through them at altered speeds and pressures. Different holes in the body are made use of in order to alter the pitch of the music by either opening or closing them with fingers of the blower. The Traditional Irish Flute is a prodigious instrument for armatures who want to learn a new instrument and experts alike who like to show off their skills at both formal and casual occasions. Specialists in the Traditional Irish Flute are able to produce great melodies and music from it however learners can adjust to their own specific type of procedures and tunes. The Flute is available in numerous materials of wood, additionally augmenting the quality of music output. Playing the instrument is calming and improves coordination, concentration and self-discipline. The Flute because of its tradition in Irish music may sound very Irish but is played in several other countries of Europe and some Arab countries as well and has various levels of skill that are achieved from experience and time with it.

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