How to Write Compelling Content?


Writing great content is not just a choice of words put together in a coherent thought anymore. Some of the best elearning content development companies not only write better but keep in mind a few tactics that help them gain more traffic, leads and rankings. Content writing has evolved from an art to a science that still needs that bit of art.

Some elearning content development companies however still take the easy path and thus bring out poor content which is a self defeating strategy. It results in a wastage of time, energy and resources but here are a few tricks that can help you write great content.

  • Original content: Writing your own content instead of copying from another site is definitely a rewarding experience. Google also penalises sites that duplicate the content and rewards those who write original content by giving higher rankings to such content.
  • Know your audience: Do not just churn out content without knowing your audience and their pain areas that you can answer through your content. Quantity is good but the quality of the content will make you stand out. It will stand out and engage your audience if you research your audience and try to learn what questions they need answered. There are a couple of ways to know this:
  1. Keep a lookout on social media: This can let you know well in advance about what is trending and what hot topic is fast becoming yesterday’s news. Industry focused research on new uses of your product or even a new use by a consumer of your products should give you an idea how to market your product and services better. Social media will also let you know which of your competitor is working to influence your customer away and provide you the impetus to change your marketing strategy accordingly.
  1. Tap into customer’s knowledge: This can be done by monitoring closely the comments in the form of accolades and complaints from the customers. Your CRM will give you a more of a direct connect with the customer to not only solve one problem but also give an expanded view of where your marketing needs should lie. You can then adjust your marketing strategy like some of the best elearning content development companies undertake on a regular basis to stay on top of their game. The content then can become a powerful place where the answers of your customers are answered before hand thus gaining you the much needed traction.
  • Research and test: Keywords should not be long winded but precise as per the customer needs and searches. This will ensure they reach your site easily. Use keywords that are hot topics with your customer base or combine them to give your article that much needed depth. Research also says that people find longer content with relevant images that is backed by data more relevant and trustworthy. Industry reports in this case will help provide the much needed panache.
  • Optimise content: This is most important as your content should be easily searchable with the constantly evolving SEO standards. Rewrite your content if required as per the SEOs and you can then rest easy till the next content assignment.

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