How to pump the standard features of the iPhone


iPhone users are used to the fact that standard applications are limited to a certain set of functions. For example, in the “Photo” there are only nine ordinary filters, markup and the ability to crop images.

But mobile application developers are confident that iPhone owners deserve more, and therefore they are actively adding iOS system functions to their programs. With them, you can embed new filters in the Photo application or add a widget with user reviews to numbers in the call log.

We talk about mobile applications that can make your iPhone more productive.

What are extensions and how do they work

Expansion – a synonym for the word “feature”. The fact that the user receives a bonus to the main functionality of the mobile application. For example, a translator may contain an extension that can translate texts on any web page in Safari. Or the photo editor extension allows you to apply filters to images directly in the “Photo” without launching the application itself. This connection between standard and third-party programs is called an extension.

Such features are not in all applications. Previously, Apple’s policy did not allow developers to interfere with the system functions of iOS. In order to add new features, many people used jailbreak – in other words, they hacked the iPhone firmware. This makes no sense today because Apple introduced the concept of App Extension, which allows developers to completely legally create extensions for native applications.

It got to the point that in the App Store you can find programs that are in essence only extensions – that is, you don’t find anything in the program itself, but, for example, new filters will appear when editing photos. This is convenient when the iPhone’s memory does not allow storing “heavy” applications.

Useful extensions for standard applications

Now in the App Store, you can find many extensions for Safari and “Photos”, but gradually the technology covers other standard programs. So, relatively recently, developers have mastered the call log. Layfhaker found the most interesting examples of extensions.

A photo

Most often, extensions are found in mobile photo editing applications. They easily integrate with standard applications, allowing you to apply effects directly to iMessage or Photos.

  1. Select any photo and start editing it.
  2. Click on the top of the button with three dots to bring up the menu with extensions.
  3. Select the application, then the filters and effects will open.

Rookie cam

Rookie cam stands out for its functionality. It is integrated immediately with three iOS system applications: “Photos”, iMessage and “Notification Center”. The free version has four filter packs.

Add a selfie a nice glow, and a snapshot of lunch – a little daylight and softness can be in the application “Photo” in edit mode. Select any picture, click on the “Edit” button and launch Rookie Cam.

Another extension Rookie Cam allows you to edit photos in iMessage. There are few options: you can only blur the background or mobile cover design up to the elements. Open any menu dialog with extensions and select Rookie Cam.


Paid photo editor from a well-known developer of the same program for Mac. In addition to all the charms of Pixelmator, the application allows you to edit images directly in the “Photo”. Dozens of stylish filters, light highlights, bokeh effect – this is only a small part of what Pixelmator offers.

Flare effects

When you install the extension, go to “Photos” and start editing the picture, the Flare Effects filters will open. There are just over 20 of them: illuminated film, old photograph, Polaroid-style and much more. Conveniently, favorite filters can be added to a separate tab.

What font

With the extension WhatFont, you can see the font of any text in Safari. To do this, select the word or sentence, and then click on the “Share” button. In the menu with extensions, select WhatFont. This way you can quickly determine the font, its family, style, and size. The application is useful for designers, web developers, marketers – all those who work with fonts.

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