How To Convert DVD to MP4 with WonderShare UniConverter


We are now living in an age where we wish every single movie and TV show to be given to us at our fingertips on every single digital device that we can hold on to. We have so many different shelves filled with movies that seem to be rather challenging to deal with, but today we can easily convert DVD to MP4 and popular formats with ease. DVDs seem to take up a lot of unnecessary space, and it is better if you use them for some other reason. We might feel bored during travels like a flight or train ride without correctly accessing many movies on that trip. There might be another way to convert all your DVDs to a format where you can assess your android tablet, iPad, or mobile device, and today, we are here to teach you how to convert a DVD to MP4.

Best Features of WonderShare UniConverter

  • DVD to MP4 is converted at 30X faster compared to other tools.
  • You can appropriately load DVD files via DVDs or computer.
  • You can convert any homemade DVD to MP4 without losing any quality of the video.
  • The editor is built-in with unique features like trimming or cropping the tools before the DVD is converted into a different video format.
  • You can also do batch processing for changing different files at one go.
  • Moreover, you can change DVD files to many different formats as well.
  • It is a simple and user-friendly interface that lets you carry out video conversions without any problems.
  • There are many different features, like adding videos to TV, compressing videos etc.

Even though this might sound complicated, you can convert DVD to MP4 and popular formats with ease.

Steps to Convert DVD format to MP4 Using the Software:

Step 1: Launch the Wondershare DVD converter and add in some DVD format files.

Download the UniConverter software on your computer. Immediately, you will go right into the interface with the video converter. Click on the triangle button to open the right menu. Put in the DVD that you want to convert. Browse through the files and hit select.

Step 2: Edit the DVD files.

It is an extra step where you can edit the video and personalize it before converting the videos. The icons to use for proper editing is present under the video thumbnail that you add into the converted video. Trim the video, get rid of things you do not wish to see, perform other features, and click on OK.

Step 3: Pick MP4 as Your Desired Output

At the top-right part, use the drop-down menu at the Output Format. Pick MP4 and make sure to get the proper resolution of the Video tab.

Step 4: Make a Video Conversion to MP4

When you are at the file location tab, pick the computer location to save your output video files. After that, click on Start and begin the conversion process.

If you want to change the computer’s location, go to the menu> Preference> Location and adjust the video’s background.

For Mac users, download the Wondershare for Mac and follow the same steps to convert your DVD files to MP4.

The Benefits of Using the WonderShare UniConverter

Wondershare video converter is a video converter tool that can rip out DVD format tools for Mac and Windows users with decent features. There are also quite a few benefits for the software that is as follows.

Strong Ripping and Conversion Features

Wondershare lets you rip out any of your DVD to any other video formats. You can attempt this by merely loading the IFO file of the DVD in the folder of the DVD. You can extract the files from the DVD or the audio format as well. Audio conversion is also possible to a higher quality level.

Video conversion of the video and the DVD is also possible for different formats supported by the Apple TV or other Apple devices. The modifications are compatible with apps like Quick Time or iTunes. The converted files are also shareable by uploading videos on Youtube and Google.

Extra Editing Features

Moreover, you can also trim the DVD and video footage, and you can merge both of the videos to create a movie. Text is also added to the video to protect your clips, and you can add a type of image watermark in different kind of picture formats. There is a feature for you to crop the photos as well.

Easy to Navigate Platform

The software has an intuitive, user-friendly platform that gives you many straightforward methods for properly sorting different files by name and video length. You can speed up the video conversion procedure a well via batch processing.

Pricing of WonderShare UniConverter

It starts at an annual price of 29.95 USD per year for each user. There is no free pricing, but they do offer a free trial.


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