How to boost traffic to e-commerce stores with social media advertising


With e-commerce entrepreneurship at higher levels than ever before, it seems like everyone has a new idea for their personal online store. But what differentiates a successful ecommerce store from the rest? The answer to that question lies in social media advertising. With tools that automate and optimize the Facebook ads process, ecommerce businesses can essentially be fully automated with the click of a few buttons. This is crucial as automation is key in reducing human error. The more data-driven your business is, the more successful it will be. E-commerce stores are utilizing a multitude of strategies to promote awareness within potential customers, this is achievable through e-commerce advertising.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of e-commerce businesses and found four advertising strategies most critical to a successful e-commerce store.

  • Paid social media advertisements: Successful E-commerce stores love paid social media advertisements because they provide measurable results. You know exactly how much you are spending to sell a specific product, and from thereon, you can work on continuous optimization of your campaign to perfect the store. Paid social media advertisements will also allow for awareness being brought among the people through different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. In the year 2021, almost every one of your target customers is using at least one of these other social media platforms. Therefore, utilizing paid ads, you will be able to deliver measurable results that can be continuously optimized for your e-commerce store.
  • Email marketing: According to trusted studies, in the year 2020, email marketing boasts a staggering 4200% ROI that has given a great push to e-businesses that utilized them. Email marketing is so effective due to its personalization – every message you send out can seem like a personal email. Email marketing is also flexible, it allows you to reach out to cold leads as well as follow up with warm leads. Additionally, you can utilize email marketing as a retargeting strategy to follow up with existing warm leads you gathered from other channels such as paid advertising.
  • Search engine Optimization: SEO is one of the many advanced techniques available to marketers in order to grow website traffic. Experts must calculate algorithms being stuffed in content so that whenever a person searches for something, the visibility of the content greatly increases, allowing for potential customers to land on your page and buy your services. SEO is a tool that is taking the e-commerce businesses to different heights. The biggest benefit of SEO is that it establishes itself as a long term marketing solution – your search engine ranking is something you continuously build on through quality content, and if done right, will garner as much if not more attention to the right people as paid channels.
  • Influencers marketing: By far the easiest way to bring brand awareness among people, influencers marketing is great in that companies can now utilize online celebrities to bring viral exposure to their brands. Your ecommerce store can collaborate with influencers, who will use your products and will post content related to your brand. If you pick the right influencer accounts, the return on ad spend can be quite incredible.

These are some of the strategies followed by the people to grab the attention of the people towards the company. Social media advertising is one of the effective ways for your company to sustain the tough competition in the e-commerce market.

You don’t have to go at it alone, for assistance in your social ad campaigns, you can even utilize professional tools such as Stiddle. A tool that was created to help e-commerce business owners like yourself get into social advertising. The great thing about Stiddle is how easy it is to setup and optimize your ad campaigns, landing pages, and customers. There are other platforms out there as well to help run your online ads, but we’ve found Stiddle to produce the best results for the best price. If you are interested in a free trial from Stiddle, check them out Here.


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