How Can a Small Business Unit Benefit with a Navision ERP Software


Navision is a popular enterprise resource planning software system for small and medium-size companies. It is also commonly known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The design of this software platform allows businesses to automate transactions resulting from back-office activities. These include customer relations, accounting, inventory management, making quotations, procurement, production, sales, invoicing, and logistics. This software helps to streamline their entire supply chain and enhance internal efficiency. The software is suitable for businesses operating in industries like retail, manufacturing, automobile, aviation, and transport.

Navision ERP Software – Why should small business owners opt for this platform?

This ERP software system from Microsoft Corporation is versatile enough to meet the needs of small companies. With this tool, employees working for businesses carry out their responsibilities without any difficulties. They notice a significant improvement in their efficiency and productivity. They find the system does not take long to implement; it is simple to configure and user-friendly. Moreover, the installation of the platform hardly has any kind of impact on their businesses’ daily operations. This is not the case with other similar ERP software systems available in the market.

Navision ERP Software platform has the following three unique features which make the tool indispensable for small companies:

  • Analytical and reporting options

The platform has numerous reporting options that analyze the owners’ business data. They can then get a clear insight into the commercial operations by analyzing these features. The owners can then identify the areas where they need to focus more attention to ensure profits over time.

  • Integration with e-commerce sites

Many small business owners conduct their commercial activities offline but operate e-commerce sites. This enables them to connect with numerous customers in the market. This ERP software system has important integration tools in which owners can operate their sites with ease. They can price products, offer item specifications, and monitor inventory levels over numerous platforms.

  • Mobile compatibility

Many small business owners operate and monitor their commercial operations using their smartphones. The Navision ERP system is compatible with Android, Windows, and Apple IOS mobile platforms. It also has in-built options like Office 365, which allow the owners to send files whenever the need arises. They can even review their business data using the Role Center.


Owners using Navision ERP platform to operate their small businesses get to enjoy the following four advantages:

  1. The software platform enables them to simplify all their business processes without any difficulties;
  2. The analytical features of this ERP software system give the owners more control over their businesses;
  3. The platform is flexible enough to meet the expansion needs of the owners’ businesses; and
  4. Navision ERP platform is easy for employees to operate with hardly any training

Navision ERP Software platforms can enable owners to have more control over their businesses. With this system, they simplify their business processes. Its features allow them to get an in-depth analysis of their commercial operations in the market. The system is even versatile and flexible enough to meet expansion needs. Moreover, the employees hardly need any training using the ERP systems, therefore, saving time and money to a large extent.

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