Here Is Why Children Should Be Given Illustrated Story Books to Read


Illustrations can make telling even those stories possible, which revolve around complex themes. Hence, children’s books are almost always packed with illustrations.

This is no secret that kids are habitually restless. So, while reading a book, they fail to keep their focus on it for long; they get bored easily. And that’s where we need the intervention of illustrated books. A book with a lot of illustrations can make reading enjoyable for kids. They extremely love it when the text they are reading turns out to be a blend of art and story, rather than something that is jam-packed with words.

Here are some other reasons why illustrated books are the best for kids-

  • Illustrations simply recreate the story that words tell in a book. As a result, they simplify the theme without making the narrative feel bland and insipid to the kid who is reading it. And the best thing is that children’s book illustrations are a fun thing to check out. They are so fun that even adults can enjoy them if they wish to.
  • If you want your kids to appreciate art and literature together, then giving them illustrated books to read would be the best bet. An illustrated book has the ability to help kids get creative with their thoughts and imaginations. And not just that, it can also encourage them to create illustrations- like drawings on their own.
  • Illustrations always have something unique to deliver to children. As a result of which their understanding of things around them improves. When they observe an illustration closely, they look beyond the visible. And this could also make children imaginative.
  • Books that carry illustrations can also be an outstanding interactive tool for children. For instance, there are certain illustrations that children can fill in different colors. Also, some illustrations are in the form of puzzles that children can solve for fun. Essentially, kids never feel alone while reading certain illustrated books.
  • Children who are young or are in the age of learning how to read would find books with illustrations extremely amusing and fascinating. With illustrations, any particular point in a story can be highlighted. That means, children don’t miss any important event in the story they are reading. Remember, illustrations are considered different from other forms of art, and have special importance in the lives of children.

Generally, illustration styles are found in children’s storybooks which they read for enjoyment. But in case you want your child to read something that is important for them to learn, understand or memorize, then it would be wise of you to give them something to read that has illustrations in it.

With illustrations, they will be able to remember what they read. The way illustrations get registered in the brain is simply unmatched. Kids are able to recall and reproduce them even after they grow into adults.

By now, you must have understood why children should be made to read books with illustrations. It sharpens their minds and also helps them appreciate literature.

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