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Member Centrum is one of the best gym management software in India. As we provide online gym management software and online gym management system which is designed with highly digitalized gym management system. Our online gym management system will handle very easy and its operation with the client. Even more, it’s easy to use features will allow the newbie or not-tech person to use their health club membership management system very efficiently. Member Centrum has aimed to help the gym owners to run their business more effectively by providing effective services by the well-equipped best gym management software with fitness mobile app in India.

Member Centrum is a highly digitalized software designed especially for Gym and gym members.  It helps for easy administration management, Gym memberships, health records of the clients, easy-to-end communication between the gym and the members. Member Centrum having numerous amount of benefits such as an application for the members, CRM system, overall access control, a web portal for the gym for easy management reducing the paperwork, revenue growth as well as time skimping.

The featured points which aims Member Centrum :

Track all records

Target audience

Attendance Tracking

Set reminder for user

Sent tips of the day to users

Easy end-to-end communication

Customer & trainer management


Increasing the use of modern technology and enhancing the experience of clients with an online gym management system where their online workout programs are featured in high technology of fitness mobile app and web tools.


The best gym management software in India provides the fitness mobile app as well as the web portal of the gym management system which offers customized workout cards. This workout has been designed under the guidance of Physical Therapist and best trainers.


Your fitness is important to us. We are very passionate about hearing how our clients are doing. We regularly keep a check on our members with case studies & fitness reports that get shared on social media as well as on our website.


Member Centrum – The best gym management software in India has totally cut off from heavy paperwork. By using the gym management system, Gym owners are able to manage their customers efficiently & users become happy to get online fitness training with fitness mobile app.


Online gym management system featured with flow in end-to-end communication which offers motivational health tips, gym cards, diet plans, reminders and many more.


Member Centrum provides a fitness mobile application which includes access features, like workout list, progress tracking, class scheduling, diet plans, gym cards, attendance tracking, reminders, and tips for the day and much more.


Member Centrum – The online gym management system cuts off the heavy paperwork and has easy access on laptops by just a click. A scanning method includes QR scanner for attendance tracking, Track records, easily data accessible so having an insight control over the gym.

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