Best Features of Buck Gardner Canada Hammer II Goose Call


Hunting is a very challenging activity, especially for beginners. It is also enjoyable for those who are passionate about hunting. Whether you are a professional or newbie hunter, you need to keep essential hunting gears with you to make your hunt easier and more enjoyable. Different types of hunting gears are available in the market. A goose call is one of them, which can increase your success rate in hunting within a short time. It is mainly a useful hunting gear designed to bring geese around you by mimicking the call of a goose. Most of the hunters use it as a necessary tool while hunting.

Choosing the best goose call is essential to be successful in hunting. When you are going to select a goose call based on your requirements, you may get confused with a lot of goose call models and brands in the market. You need to choose such a goose call that sounds realistic and can attract geese for hunting around you, especially if you are one of the newbies in the field of hunting.

Review of Buck Gardner Canada Hammer II Goose Call

Buck Gardner is a renowned brand that produces high-quality goose calls. The Buck Gardner Canada Hammer II Goose Call is one of the quality products of this brand and the best goose call for beginners. It is a useful gear that you can surely hammer away at geese all day long. This goose call has some excellent features that help the hunters to do tough hunting. So, let’s check out them.

Sturdy Construction

The Buck Gardner Canada Hammer II Goose Call is quality hunting gear made in the USA. It comes with extra sturdy poly carbonate construction, which delivers soft clucks and moans to ensure full range louder call. It also includes double O-rings, and a hand shaved reed with brass hand to provide quick-tune guts for making high-quality sounds. Overall, the dimension of this product is 6 x 4 x 6 inches, with a weight of 8.82 pounds.

Ergonomic Design

The Canada Hammer II Goose Call looks excellent, providing an ergonomic design with a slight bourbon color on the upper body. It is a small enough goose call that you can put into your pocket, drape around the neck. Besides, the goose call is lightweight and takes less air to use than most other calls.

Useful Functions

The goose call is perfect for making sounds like most of the species of goose. It is an effective goose call which has a Tune channel to blow the actual sounds of the goose. The sounds make sure to attract the right goose, allowing you to narrow down your call range.


The goose call is an excellent hunting gear that can deliver both loud hail and soft clucks. It is user-friendly and makes similar sounds like a goose. As it is lightweight, you can easily carry it into your pocket. Overall, everything that a beginner hunter wants to have in a hunting product is available in this goose call.


  • Provides good sounds by easy blowing
  • Features hand shaved reed and brass band
  • Produces loud hails and soft clucks
  • Comes with a polycarbonate construction
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • It takes lots of practice for beginners


When your surroundings remain full of beautiful geese, you can call them to come closer for hunting by using this hunting gear. It will make sharp clucks and great honks for making the same sounds of geese.

However, this goose call is a great hunting tool for the money. It is also perfect for newbie hunters who want to make sure their hunting successful. Before that, they need to know how to use a goose call perfectly. In short, if you’re going to ensure greater success in shooting the geese, then this goose call can be a suitable option for you.



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