Garden Vacuum And Leaf Blower Buying Guide


Orange, golden and copper shaded leaves announce the arrival of autumn. These fallen leaves create a beautiful layer over your garden, which also signals that you need to take some additional maintenance steps. Clearing the walkways and keeping driving paths free from leaves is a tough task. If you leave them unattended then the result could be slippery surface and unpleasant smell. Next could be a waterlogged or soggy garden.

Garden blowers and vacuums are the best possible solution for stray leaves and other lightweight debris. Rake and brooms are also effective to give you a neat lawn, but the process is time taking. A garden blower or vacuum can perform the same set of tasks in a better and fast way. You can try a leaf blower to blow all the debris or go for a garden vacuum if you want to collect them for compost.

Primary Factors to Consider

  • What is the size of your garden?
  • Are there any sound restrictions in your living area?
  • How much weight can you lift and carry?
  • Do you need a blower, vacuum or both?

Garden size

A corded or cordless blower is suitable for a small garden or lawn. If you are choosing mains powered blower or vacuum, then check the length of its power cable. You can try a cordless version if you want to get rid of connecting cables. VonHaus 3 in 1 Leaf Blower, Einhell GE-CL 18 and WORX WG518E are some of the best options you can try.

For a large garden, try petrol propelled blower or vacuum. Such machines possess great power, which is crucial while dealing with a significant ground covered with leaves. For instance, Makita BHX2501 is a high rated petrol blower.

Backpacks blowers are easy to use because of padded shoulder straps that allow you to carry on of these machines for long. For instance, McCulloch GB 355, and vidaXL Handheld Garden Tool are the models you can consider.

Wheeled blowers are suitable for very large areas. These tools are powerful and come with a huge collection box. If you own a lawn tractor, then try a lawn sweeper that simply attaches to the back of your ride and start collecting the leaves. Using a sweeper will draw all the dry leaves and small debris, but it will not collect small grass cuttings.

Types of Leaf Blower And Vacuums

Handheld: The simplest form of leaf blowers, handheld models clear the area using high-speed air output. You can use a handheld leaf blower to create leaf piles from where they can be taken to compost bins. These leaf blowing machines are available as corded, cordless and petrol propelled versions.

Corded leaf blowers are mains powered while cordless models depend on a rechargeable battery. Modern leaf blowing machines utilize Lithium-ion technology to provide you with a lightweight, quiet, eco-friendly and convenient garden maintenance solution. Charging time and battery backup depends upon the make and model. However, the runtime goes up to 2 hours and even more if you are using a powerful battery. Popular cordless leaf blowers include Einhell GE-CL 18 and Bosch ALB 36 LI. Handheld petrol leaf blowers can generate an impressive amount of power to clear large lawns. Try one of the petrol propelled models in case you own a significant piece of land.

Garden blower cum vacuum: Most of the garden owners enjoys the functions of a leaf blower cum vacuum. Such machines blow all the leaves to create a pile and then suck all of them in little amounts.

Backpack: Most of the backpack leaf blowers are petrol propelled, but you will also find some cordless models. Such machines are powerful and rest on your back, making garden cleaning easy as well as comfortable. McCulloch GB 355 and ParkerBrand backpack are some of the best models that you can consider.

Wheeled: If you own a large piece of land, the try one of the wheeled leaf blowers.

Lawn sweeper: You can use a lawn sweeper if you already own any lawn tractor or ride-on mower. Such a tool is excellent to clear large areas, but don’t expect them to clear tiny grass cuttings.


After considering all the above factors, you can find a suitable leaf blower or vacuum for your garden. In case of any confusion, you should check the list of best leaf blowers recommended by experts.



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