Everything You Need to Know About Cape Cod Bracelets


If you are an avid jewelry lover, you must know about the Cape Cod bracelets. However, if you were just introduced to this simple, timeless, silver piece of jewelry that became the signature style of Cape Cod, you have come to the right place. 

Continue reading to learn everything about them and decide whether you want to own this elegant piece.

What are Cape Cod Bracelets?

They are rigid silver bracelets. They have a simple design, with a screwball at the center. Loosen the screwball to open the bracelet, wear it, and then screw it back together to tighten it. 

It does not get too tight, as the bracelet’s main characteristic is its comfortable fit. The bracelet fits comfortably on the wearer’s wrist and has enough room to slide up and down. However, it is not that loose that it could move sideways, bringing the screwball underneath the wrist.

Today, these bracelets have become a piece of statement jewelry, and each piece has significance to the wearer.

Invention and Popularity of this Bracelet

John Carey lived with his wife in the Dennis area of Cape Cod. He was an artist and a teacher. After he retired from teaching, he and his wife set up an Eden Hand Arts store near Sesuit Harbor at Route 6A. 

For the first few years, they would sell their pieces to the locals and some tourists who would pass by their shop. However, their little store witnessed a flood of buyers when Amy Jo Johnson, the actress who starred in the 1990s show, Felicity wore the bracelet. 

Johnson grew up in Cape Cod, so it was not surprising that she got her hands on this bracelet. She narrated that she constantly wore the bracelet during the two seasons she was on the show. Soon afterward, buyers crowded the Eden Hand Arts.

When Carey and his wife noticed that imitators provided their signature piece, they expanded their cape cod collection. Unsurprisingly, cape cod jewelry pieces became popular during the 1990s.

Today, different variants of the bracelet have emerged. They come in gold and silver and are made of different metals. They differ in price points and quality. Along with the signature one-ball design, new designs flaunt two and three balls at the center. 

As for the authentic cape cod jewelry inventor, the Eden Hand Arts continues to sell their pieces with an engraved “Eden” to signify that they are from the original creators.How to Measure Your Wrist to Fit the Bracelet Perfectly

As the bracelet is rigid, bangle-like, measuring the perfect fit is considerably easy. Simply get a non-stretchy string and fasten it around the circumference of your wrist. Mark the point on the string and lay it straight next to a ruler. 

Since it should be looser than your wrist so that the metal screw does not dig into your skin and has room to slide up and down, you should add half an inch to this measurement. This way, you can get a
perfect size if you are ordering it online.

Traditional Design vs. the New Variants

If you are wondering which design to get, read on to find out the differences between the traditional bracelet and the new variants that have emerged in the last three decades.

Traditional version

It has a smooth, rigid wire and had a silver polish. While it’s typically silver, it could be made in both sterling silver and 14k gold. At the center, there is a dainty screwball that connects the two halves of the bracelet. The minimal design gives it a timeless look. 

Those who prefer gold over silver like to get their hands on the gold Cape Cod bracelet.

New Variants

Several styles have emerged of the bracelets. These include:

The multi-bead version: Buyers and sellers wanted something more in the minimalist design. So, they added more beads at the center. Today, bracelets with two, three, four, and even five bracelets are in the market.

Another change to the traditional style is that along with more beads, some designs also come with a hook attachment. The screwball is not the most feasible, and the hook attachment, opposite to the beads, makes wearing and removing the bracelet easier.

Twisted wire: Unlike the traditional version with a smooth band, twisted wires are also now being sold.

Twisted bead: Instead of the twisted wire of the bracelet’s band, this has a smooth wire but a twisted bead at the center. It’s quite similar to the traditional bracelet and is equally elegant.

Final Thoughts

Innovations in new designs are endless. While some people gravitate more towards the simple silver or gold cape cod bracelet, others prefer the more contemporary, innovative designs. The choice is yours.

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