Effortless Adornment Hacks


I remember as a little girl watching my grandmother juggle with her Jewellery every now and then to get that perfect look. She tried Short chain with haram, broad necklace with studs, Jhumkis with traditional necklace, mango mala with traditional hangings, and other endless combinations. At the end with her gleaming smile and sense of style, she came out like a protagonist from a pre-British era novel or simply like a “Takurayan” – landlady. Well, she had the luxury to mix and match her Jewellery given the quantity. However, in today’s times lavishness of blending our Jewellery is not an option for many because of the minimalist lifestyle each of us is adopting off late, with the increase in imitation Jewellery the need for fine Jewelry also took a back seat, and the ever-rising cost of gold too has contributed to this.

Buying Multi-use Jewellery

In a situation that is governed by many regulations, buying gold intelligently is what one ought to do.  Most of us usually browse online the latest bangles designs with price and tend to buy them at a Jeweller near us. However, careful research and saving can lead us to buy multi-use Jewellery. They can be easily converted to various other adornments. For example, a simple bracelet can also be used as a chain with a locket, a locket can be converted to a ring, a Vanki can be converted to a choker etc. They are not designer Jewellery but only needs a little effort to search for designs and either custom make it or buy from a Jeweller near you.

Systematic Investment in Gold

Have you seen adorable gold mangalsutra designs with price that is totally out of your reach? No worries, here is a solution- invest a part of your monthly amount in Jewellers run gold schemes or a recurring deposit or government gold bonds. While each of these three ways has its own advantages, you only ought to choose what suits your investment goals the best and what kind of Jewellery you wish to buy for yourself or for your loved ones. While the gold schemes give the zero wastage benefit, the RD give the interest income. Similarly, investing in government-backed gold bonds give your investment a fixed return. Hence what to invest in is entirely a personal choice based on your future and present financial plans.

Buying beyond Budget

Buying beyond budget is a common pit we fall in when it comes to gold purchase. Hecnce, ideating a plan to stretch to a certain extent even before goingis often recommended. Post purchase strain of paying the excess can be easily escaped this way.

Buying gold is an entirely personal experience, let the price not be a contstraint while buying. In order to do that all you would need is a little planning, careful consideration of what you want to buy,where you wish to buy is also important.

Where to shop your coveted piece?

This question often remain open and at large given the number of options. Choose wisely, take friend and family opinion, if you have family jewellers do not miss to visit them. You can also consider buying online from a reputed Jeweller with physical store presence too. This will ensure your purchase is safe and a personal contact can be made in case of any discrepancy.



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