Does jewellery define the status of a person in the society?


Jewellery is an expensive and valuable commodity that serves a wide range of purposes. It has been an object of desire since time immemorial. According to historical evidence, jewellery and precious stones were a symbol of status in society. Often, it was treated as a symbol of wealth and royalty. The aristocracies were dependent on these gems to exhibit it as a symbol of nobility and power. Some of the ways in which jewellery define a person’s status in society have been listed below.


Jewellery can be considered as a sign of affection. It is often exchanged as valuable items of gifts and help in strengthening the bond between families or individuals. Jewellery, when presented as a gift from one person to another, inculcates a feeling of trust and satisfaction. During weddings, when jewellery are exchanged, it s a symbol of an everlasting bond shared by the individuals. The engagement ring is an important component that determines the comfort and the precious relationship shared between the bride and the groom.


Jewellery is often exchanged to celebrate the milestones of life like birthdays and anniversaries. For birthdays, when jewellery is gifted, it is especially seen as prominent symbol of celebration and might even pave way to the beautiful times ahead. Precious items of jewellery like necklaces, rings and bracelets are often exchanged to mark a significant milestone in marriages. The anniversaries are important during the course of a marriage. The receiver of the jewellery is most likely to feel pampered and special. This works immensely in strengthening the precious bond shared by the couple. Engagement rings mark a new beginning and are promising of the future. Hatton gardens jewellers offer a wide range of jewellery, each of which has a unique meaning.


Jewellery, being a precious and expensive commodity, is a symbol of elitism and wealth. In the past, it was a symbol of nobility and a particular design was exclusive to the upper section of society. An attractive piece of jewelry can help you in establish your monetary status in society as superior. Jewellery is often seen as synonymous to wealth. It is a smart investment since the price of the jewelry is most likely to increase with time.


The ethnicity which is limited to a particular strata or community is often reflected through jewelry. The precious stones might be limited to a particular region and thus be considered as the symbol of the region and the people dwelling there. The items of jewelry depend largely on the stones available. Hence, it often represents cultural richness and ethnicity of a particular group of people and serves as a symbol of identity.


In conclusion, jewellery can be considered as a factor that determines a person’s status in society. When precious stones are made into fine jewellery, its value increases and become an object of desire. From historic times, it has played a crucial role in enhancing one’s identity in society. Hatton Garden Jewellery has been serving this purpose since a long time.

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