Do You Really Need Home Insurance?

Do we truly require home protection insurance when we are insured by fire protection in Singapore? Many are under the feeling that the fire protection set up for their homes is sufficient inclusion in the event of any occurrences. In this article, we’ll explore and see whether extra home protection is truly fundamental.

Many in general stay away from protection talks no matter what because of the numerous misinterpretations they have. In accordance with World Insurance Day today, we might want to take the risk to talk about more home protection in Singapore. By law, essential fire protection is required for all HDBs, and landowners are straightforwardly liable for securing their homes. Nonetheless, do you realize that fire protection just covers the first structures of your homes and not your belongings?

Fires or floods are not single episodes; frequently, they can prompt more serious issues, for example, burst water lines or short-circuiting of electrical apparatuses inside a family. The expenses of reestablishing these harms can accelerate to large sums.

In apartments, fire and water harm occurrences can be brought about by neighbouring units. These episodes, through no issue of your own, may harm your home and assets.

Difference between home insurance and fire insurance

For the most part, the compulsory HDB fire protection is essential protection that takes care of the expenses in reestablishing your home to its unique condition, which does exclude any remodel work that was done nor any things of your home.

This implies that in case of an occurrence, the protection just ensures the structural uprightness of your home, to be specific centre designs like your floors, dividers, or any columns that were there before the fire.

Then again, home protection insurance covers a more extensive scope of harm, taking into consideration those that were not covered under your average fire protection insurance. Other than permitting you to make claims for harms brought about to home goods, individual assets, families; it can likewise cover burst water lines and break-ins (contingent upon insurance plan). A portion of the more broad approaches can even cover your pets.

The necessity of a home insurance

You might be wondering that the odds of something terrible happening is exceptionally low and while that might be valid, you should likewise remember it doesn’t mean it is a 0% possibility.

With PABs (power-assisted bicycle) related flames multiplying in 2020 and PMDs (personal mobility device) type of fires as yet being a danger, it is particularly significant now to get your home secured.

Regardless of whether you don’t have any of those gadgets, who can say for sure if your neighbours have them. Fire and water harms are a portion of the occurrences that can be brought about by neighbouring units and influence your home.

‍Chek Meng likewise referenced that there were misinterpretations of what happens when natural events or the ‘Act of God’ circumstances happen. Floods, earthquakes and lightning strikes are really covered under home protection. Nonetheless, mortgage holders/policyholders should likewise know that there are inclusion limits to the policies they bought.

In case you are living on the higher floors in HDBs or condos, flooding probably won’t be a quick worry to you. Landed property owners are substantially more defenceless in case of flooding, and in this manner ought to guarantee that they are adequately covered for such potential harms.

What amount does home protection cost?

Eventually, it relies upon the inclusion you are searching for and what your necessities are. Home protection in Singapore by and large ranges from S$50-S$200 over dollars.

Can you tailor the protection as per our requirements? How?

As referenced above, home protection can help fill the holes an ordinary fire protection leaves. A few homeowners might consider some inclusion more significant than others, in this way setting more accentuation on certain risks.


For example, in the event that you keep numerous assets at home, you would need to ensure your belongings are all around protected. By looking for help from a Home Insurance Specialist, you can make certain to be covered for what’s generally imperative to you.

As a tenant, do you require home insurance?

Without a doubt. This is significant particularly for landowners as it secures their property in case of any misfortune or unplanned harm. On an extra note, landowners can likewise shield themselves from personal liability if their tenants choose to sue them for wounds held inside the premises of the property.


For renters, many would expect that the prior -insurance their landowner has would be sufficient to cover their misfortunes. But, your landowner’s insurance ordinarily just covers and secures their very own belongings and property. This implies that whatever you have brought into your rental home will be your sole liability. That is why it is important for you to get yourself insured as soon as possible.












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