Do You Know Whole Wheat Flour is a Storehouse of Benefits?


Whole wheat flour is a powder form of whole wheat grain that is ground using suitable machinery in the factories. It is a little brownish in colour as it is procured from the complete grain without removing the outer part of the grain.  Whole wheat flour has a sweet-nutty kind of flavour.  Nowadays, you can obtain two types of wheat flours. One is called the bleached whole wheat flour that has a little light colour as compared to the one that is unbleached.

Wheat flour is loaded with starch which is the major constituent of this grain.  Apart from this, wheat consists of gluten, lips, polysaccharides etc.  It is one used in the staple diets of Indian and South Asian communities in the form of paratha, roti, sheera, halwa etc.  Besides, it is used in the baked form to prepare bread, bakery items, biscuits, and several other items. 

Benefits of Whole Wheat Flour

Whole wheat flour offers various nutrients that are essential for the growth and development of human beings.  Here, we are discussing some of the benefits that you can derive from consuming whole wheat in the form of various recipes.

  1. Healthy Bones

Wheat flour is essential for the development of bones as it is highly rich in phosphorus and calcium. These minerals are required by our body for strengthening bones and the overall functions of the bones.

  1. Metabolism

Wheat flour consists of Vitamin B1 in abundance that promotes glucose metabolism. As a result, the food gets converted into glucose to produce energy.  Wheat helps in converting food into adenosine triphosphate that is also known as ATP.

  1. Controls Blood Sugar levels

Those suffering from diabetes can eat items made from whole wheat as it is a healthy grain that is rich in Magnesium.  It can lower the insulin resistance of the body and thereby improves the insulin response. As a result, it can help in controlling the blood sugar levels.  The presence of essential mineral Zinc in the wheat is also useful in controlling diabetes.

  1. Proper functioning of Brain

For proper functioning of the brain, and to promote mental health, Niacin has to be part of our balanced diet. Whole wheat consists of Niacin and you can make several recipes with wheat to keep your levels of Niacin high.

  1. Folic Acid

Folic Acid or Vitamin B9 is required by the human body to produce, and maintain the new cells including the red blood cells. Folic Acid is also an essential nutrient that is suggested to be taken in the form of the supplement by expecting mothers. It also helps in the growth and development of the foetus. Whole wheat is the source of Folic Acid that lowers the risk of developing cancer by preventing changes in the DNA.

  1. Prevent Anaemia

Those suffering from Anaemia lack iron in their diet or they are consuming lesser intake of iron.  Whole wheat is the superfood that provides a good proportion of iron to prevent the occurrence of Anaemia or the lower haemoglobin levels in the body.  You can eat bread, biscuits and snacks etc. to increase the haemoglobin levels.

  1. Development and growth of muscles

Whole wheat consists of a fair amount of protein that helps in the growth and development of the muscles, hair, etc.  To increase the intake of protein in your diet, you can make recipes that consist of whole wheat along with Sanjeevani organic peanut oil. It is important to note that peanut is the richest source of protein and consumption of preparations made from Sanjeevani organic peanut oil and whole wheat such as paratha, puri, etc. will give high levels of protein to the body.

  1. Glowing skin and eyes.

The presence of various minerals such as Zinc that is present in the whole wheat is responsible for the glowing and healthy skin.  Zinc helps in repairing the skin and slows the process of ageing. As such, the skin remains fresh and healthy.  Besides, whole wheat offers Vitamin A that prevents night blindness and maintains healthy eyes.

  1. Boosts energy

No wonder, the whole wheat is an energy booster grain. It consists of Vitamin B2 that develop, as well as maintain the red blood cells of the body.  The higher the levels of RBC in your body, the higher will be the levels of energy you will have.  Vitamin B is helpful in breaking down the food and generating energy in the body. 

Considering the various benefits that the whole wheat flour provides, it is recommended that one should consume any preparation made from whole wheat. It is a light food that gets easily digest and will not cause obesity due to lower levels of oil in it. 

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