Different kinds of Fabrics: that you need to know


The fabrics are divided up into natural fibers and manmade ones. Natural fibers come from many sources, animal hair, plants, insects, and crude oil. The cotton fabric, velvet fabric, satin fabric, linen fabric, silk fabric, and viscose Lycra dealers are all over India. These manufacturers make the best quality fabrics and export globally.

Some of the different kinds of fabrics which are explained below-

  • Cotton fabric- cotton fabric is one of the most common fabrics used in t-shirt, bedsheets, pullovers, pants manufacturing. Cotton fabric is all-natural and does not contain any synthetic compound. Cotton is soft, sturdy, breathable, and affordable. Cotton usually does wrinkle. Several types of cotton fabrics are available. India exports cotton fabric to Bangladesh, Korea, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Egypt.
  • Velvet fabric- Velvet fabric is a mixture of polyester, rayon, nylon, viscose, or mixing synthetics and natural fibers. Velvet is considered as most luxurious fabric because it is a symbol of prestige and power. The different kinds of velvet are Devore velvet, plain velvet, crushed velvet, and embossed velvet. The top countries for velvet fabrics export from India are China, Czech Republic, USA, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.
  • Satin fabric- Satin fabric mainly made from polyester, cotton, silk, or any type of thread. Satin is a fabric having shine and luster. It is mainly used for ladies’ gowns, saris, and party wear fabric. This fabric has a very nice fall due to which it takes body shape and fits well. India exports satin fabric to UAE, Germany, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom.
  • Viscose Lycra fabric- The viscose Lycra fabric is a blend of viscose and Lycra. Mainly this fabric is used for t-shirt, evening dresses, uniforms, caps and gloves, sportswear, and home furnishing. The main features of viscose Lycra are it has a fine finish, perfect fitting, soft texture, and attractive look. Viscose Lycra in India is the most authentic and of the best quality. The mainly this fabric exported to the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and South Africa. So this fabric has larger elasticity and durability.
  • Linen fabric- linen fabric can be work in any kind of weather. Linen clothing can be printed, finished, and designed easily. It does not stretch or elongate but keeps in shape even after routine washes, hanging, and ironing. The linen fabric mainly exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.
  • Poly cotton fabric- poly-cotton fabric is a mixture of polyester and cotton. Poly-cotton is comfortable for clothing because it reduces creasing and also maintains comfort during wearing. The poly-cotton mainly exported in Western Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Central America.

Conclusion- These are some of the different types of fabrics which have been explained. These fabric are produced from the fiber is quite soft and has a good feel. These fabrics are exported all over the world. These fabrics are manufactured using cutting edge technology, and the fabric is characterized by optimum quality and longevity.

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