5 Ways to Dress up that Can Make You Look Unique


Fashion is an ever-evolving phenomenon particularly when it comes to the way of dressing up. You just update your wardrobe only to make it look out-dated after a couple of months. There is a solution to keeping up with the dynamic fashion of lifestyle products like dresses in the form of coming up with a personal statement.

Let’s have a look at how one can keep up with fashion without engaging in exhaustive buying.

Take Inspiration from Culture

There is no doubt that very often clothes reflect the cultural identity. Well, this is not something that one can witness in daily life. Most of the time people don’t follow the cultural constraints. In fact, they go for what makes them comfortable. For example, Indian women wear Sari which is a part of their culture. But a girl who has to wake up early in the morning to attend her 8:00 am class and who is not used to of wearing this can find it comfortable to wear a T-shirt and jeans.

When it comes to adopting a personal statement or choosing to wear something unique then the same attire of Sari can be the best option for her; particularly when her wardrobe doesn’t have tunics of the latest design. So occasionally wearing a cultural dress which Sari, in this case, can definitely make that girl look different.

Try an Ethnic Wear

Those who want to make a personal statement can try something ethnic. Like many cultures have a unique print on clothes, shoes, and other such stuff; this can be also in paint and embroidery form as well. If it is convenient for someone to block print an ethnic design on the hem of a shirt, on the collar, or on panels then they should go for this as well.

Keep A Combination of Solid Colors in Your Wardrobe

It doesn’t matter how messed up prints are in vogue, the solid colors never look out of place. Therefore, when confused don’t shy away from wearing a plain black tunic with maroon studs, a green shirt with blue denim jeans or any color that you feel comfortable with.

Try Frugal Fashion

Frugal male fashion is popular for a reason. It is a thing among the wanna be Harvey Specters who don’t have enough resources to have a personalized brand but they still want to leave an impression in their specific field with their personality. Such fashion doesn’t mean that buying what is in the trend is a sheer necessity. In fact, it is about being smart with buying choices.

Also, there is a drawback of the following trends which is obvious in many ways. What suits the model on-ramp doesn’t necessarily suit a person wandering in street. Perhaps, there is a reason why every culture has their specific street fashions. Well, one of the best tips of the frugal male fashion is to look for quality; this implies that one may buy less but a product that is durable and promises high quality. Here one may choose to pay a high price but for longevity. So, always buying cheap is not prudent but buying an essential of high quality is the key.

Whatever Makes You Comfortable

There is no need of spending thousands of dollars on a product that one doesn’t know how to carry Let’s admit it very often people have to do proper struggle in going out in a dress which they are not used to off carrying. For example, there is a trend of sequins but a girl who is comfortable with solid colors may not find it easy to wear that stuff. For example, a Brit used to of wearing crocs in street might find it hard to wear slippers irrespective of the fact how much his fellows may despise or show their disapproval of crocs.

Therefore, while dressing up,  being in one’s comfort zone does matter particularly in cases when wearing something unique may make them look overdressed for an occasion.


Dressing up in a way that compliments one’s personality doesn’t need to be expensive. It just requires a person to be smart and prudent with choice and this is not equal to overhauling wardrobe every three months.

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