Definition And Necessary Conditions Regarding Your Office Space


As a definition, we can say that an office is a place collective with few rooms, used mostly for business purpose. Only space and rooms will not make an office. Proper office equipment required to make the space as an office space. Equipment like an office desk, computers for official works, colour printers, licensed scanners along with different office management software. Office space should be wide such as at least 3 to 5 employees can seat in the office and can make their works comfortably. The architectural design of an office building is differently arranged to compare with normal home or flat. The size does not affect the architectural design. If the size of your company is very small, do not a thing about so much about the space. You should take a minimum amount of space for your business purpose since you get the office architectural facility from the very beginning. It makes you tension free regarding the further expansion of your business. Office space and architecture has a direct impact on employees. The first look of an office design will attract their employees very deeply. For a newcomer, the first impression is the structure, area space, and decoration of the office. It directly then effects the work environment and works. An attractive workspace will increase the confidence level of employees. Generally, employees of good post or manager or administrative post will generally not agree to work in an unprofessional workplace.

Some Necessary Features of –

1. The office space should be sufficient for their employees. Otherwise, it will give a bad impact on employees which is further hamper on work and work environment. If a fresher has joined your office and in a very first day if you unable to provide a required space for him, the mental condition of the employee getting a poor and the full potential will not be given on an allocated work.

2. An office must have contained with some vacant space. The office space should be big enough, where employees can make their social gatherings. It should be included a cafeteria. A different space for lunch. At least, some area where they can relax or can minimise their work pressure by spending a light time together.

3. You should create our office for future also. You have to keep some vacant spaces for your further feature growth. When the number of employees will increase then you do not invest much time to give them space. There also has a big advantage of a vacant space yet unfurnished. Your employee can use this place as their relaxing time. To maintain a better office environment and a comfortable workplace you should have to keep necessary and luxury office equipment like air conditioning, sufficient amount of light ( you can use different colours of light), proper washing and cleaning arrangements, coffee or tea maker, racks and boxes to keep important filing documents etc.

In Delhi as the numbers of entrepreneur has increased, to get a required office space in Delhi becomes more difficult. That’s why you should rethink your office architectural design first and make your office more attractive to your employees.

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