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Leather jackets for men have been in style for a long time. They have a classic form of style and are also very durable, making it a must have item for your wardrobe. But you should know that there are various types of leather jackets and you should know which style would suit you the best and how to wear it appropriately with other clothing. Perfectly pairing up your leather jacket with your whole attire can totally change your look. You can follow the given guide to help you choose and buy the best kind of leather jacket for you.

Where to buy?

For most men, shopping is a headache and they don’t really have the time to spare for it. After having a busy schedule at work, they will not want to waste their spare time going shopping. For these men online shopping is the best option. Online men’s jacket shopping can be a little tricky, but is certainly more convenient. So if you decide to buy your jacket online, you need to keep three things on your mind- the material of the jacket, your size and the style you want for yourself.


There are various types of leather available in the market and the type you choose for yourself will affect the price, feel and the overall look of your jacket. The types of leather are:

  • Full grain leather– this leather is made only from quality hides. These are much thicker than the other types and also retain the natural patterns and marks which the animal had. The price of these jackets is fairly high, but they also last a long time if you take proper care of them.
  • Top grain leather– this is a step down from the full grain one, but is much softer than it. Men’s leather jackets are not really cheap, but these jackets are much affordable than the full grain ones. Choose this type if you want to have a good quality jacket without having to spend too much.
  • Faux leather– for all those guys who are not a fan of animal leather, faux leather jackets are the one. It has become so much advanced nowadays and looks nothing like the plastic-like material it used to look like previously. They are available in a variety of designs and are even considered the best jackets for winter by some.

Right fit

When you are shopping online, you need to be very certain about your exact size. Always refer the site’s sizing chart and then decide which size would fit you the best.


Wearing the wrong kind of jacket in a wrong setting and matched with wrong clothing can make you look awkward in public and you might end up embarrassing yourself. So you need to choose the style of your jacket wisely. Here are a few styles of leather jackets:

  • Leather biker jackets- can be worn with a range of vibrant or simplistic outfits.
  • Leather bomber jackets- can be worn with a shirt and chinos.

Leather aviator jackets- can be paired with jeans and t-shirt.

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