Deep and Medium Tones In Flooring; Versatile Rubber Floor Tiles


Floors of your home go a long way in setting the emphasis of hues and decorating agenda. Trends once established keep going for a few years. In the present year texture is more prevailing than in the past. You can check wholesalershop for variety of products as per your need.

Wood flooring is time honoured and stays in vogue despite the appearance of laminate, vinyl etc. The wood tile producers take the challenge and bring out wood designs which are attractive, fashionable, and go with other décor of the room. Some of the wood trends for present year are; –

  • Wood floor with shaded appearance-It makes the room look expensive. The colures presently available are expresso, dark walnut as well as Jacobean. Being dark it makes the space appear smaller. Scratch and dirt are easily visible.
  • Light and fair floors-It makes the room look bright, and airy. The decoration choices are ample. The woods used are maple, white oak, bamboo, red oak as well as ash.
  • Whitewashed floors of wood-These are popular in kitchen and farm type homes. However, when they wear out the dark wood underneath becomes visible. The room looks bigger than its size.
  • Floors in honey colour – These floors are not very dark. Room looks bigger than its size and classy. This fashion will last more than a decade.

There are different ways of doing the flooring keeping not the trends in mind but the utility and décor of the house intact. These are; –

  • Flooring akin to wood texture and colour-This could be real-wood or designs made in laminate, vinyl, and ceramic tiles.
  • Floor with waterproofing qualities-Tiles are used to do up the floor. At present waterproof laminate, vinyl and carpet is a good possibility. Pet owners love it.
  • Flooring with texture-It is a mimic flooring the basic material can be wood laminate etc.
  • Flooring environment friendly-Customers go in for natural, recyclable, renewable products for the betterment of community.
  • Light colour flooring- It makes the room specifically kitchen bigger and airy. It goes well with most décor.
  • Vinyl flooring- Technology has produced vinyl products which closely resemble wood. It is in great demand.
  • Grey wood flooring-Very popular among customers. This colour is blended with bold colours such as bright greens black etc for the best décor. It makes the room look cool and classic.
  • Floor in greige shade-It is a shade made from grey and beige. It can be used for floors as well as walls. Not all rooms are done in this colour because then the house will appear as made from concrete. This colour matches well with all other colours. It is a relaxing colour.
  • Variations in wood colour- No two pieces of wood have the same marking. Wood in the past was used with variations naturally present. At present manufacturers replicate nature in synthetic material and have created a big market among homeowners.

Rubber floor tiles is a comparatively a new entry in the market. These can be customized on demand. The choice is between multiple colours and thickness variations. The tiles can be circular studded, smooth and slate interlocking tiles etc. The tiles are in demand for homes and commercial centre. Between vulcanized and non-vulcanized tiles variations comes because of density, scent and porosity.

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