IOT as the spearhead of data revolution in Malaysia


Following the trails of the Republic of Korea, SIngapore, and China, Malaysia has set herself to become a technologically advanced nation. The resource allocations and governmental policies have all been manipulated and modified to support this ambition of Malaysia. This country is no exception when it comes to the growing number of connected devices and the increasing amount of data created through them. Quite naturally IOT or the Internet Of Things has come to the forefront as a spearheading technology that can drive the Malaysian economy and help prepare the ground for big data analytics in Malaysia.


In the course of this article we will look at a few simple but effective applications of the IOT and analytics across Malaysia. This will help us understand the potential of these technologies.

Starting with agriculture

The agrotech industry has flourished around the world and Malaysia is not lagging behind. We can take the example of a pineapple farming company Pinewealth. They have made extensive use of analytics to map farmable land and to customize the usage of fertilizers for each piece of land. Profit and loss in the field of agriculture always hangs on a balance. Anything can go wrong and the company can sustain major losses for small misgivings like a wrongly applied fertilizer or an untimely rain. Pinewealth is using sensors to measure the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium values in the lands and then analytical models to select the kind of fertilizer or pesticide for that particular land. They are using predictive analysis for yield quality and quantity and controlling the business on the basis of those insights. The return of investment is 15% already even though the initiative is still in its nascent stage. Moreover they have noticed at least 60% reduction in costs due to less failed crops.

Monitoring raw material and production quality

Hexa Food produces herbs and seasonings. They are a reputable brand and they put a lot of effort in maintaining that. They make it a point to acquire and use best quality raw materials and keep the production quality at the optimum level. If done manually it would have been a very daunting task. But they use data analytics to monitor the consistency of the raw material. Be it the quality of peppers or the thickness of the chilli paste, nothing escapes the radar.

Remodelling parking in the state of Penang

Malaysian company Heitech Padu has introduced a smart parking system to organize traffic, increase parking revenue for the state, and make life easier for drivers. Their application alerts the users about the availability of the nearest parking area and lets them know when and for how long it is filled. Not only does it allow the drivers to find parking areas based on real time information but also lets the municipality enforce penalties on violators.

These developments are an indication towards the forwarded minded approach in terms of embracing technology for solving real problems.

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