Certain Charging Mistakes That You Are Doing With Your Iphone


Some myths exist with the use of a smartphone, and some of them might turn out to be mistaken. A common mistake that often emerges is the way by which you are charging your phone. Let us now get to the mistakes and how we can go on to avoid them.

Once you get the phone from the store charging it to the fullest extent.

An iPhone repair specialist may have a different viewpoint. It is indeed a myth that you should charge your phone fully before you use it. The moment battery is 40 % to 80 % charged it works best. In fact, once you get it from the store there has to be sufficient charge. If it does not show a 40 % charge then the battery load is poor. You might have to take it back to the store and check it out. the task is simply to take it to the closest iPhone repairs and sort out the issue at the earliest.

The wrong type of charger

A serious complaint and you should use the charger only intended for a phone. Meanwhile, it also does not indicate that you should be avoiding other chargers. The smartphone is also going to work fine if you use charges compatible with your device. You have to check whether anyone has done this earlier and if you figure out that there are no problems you can take a step and move forward.

While charging not using your phone

Irrespective of the fact whether you are using your phone it charges the same. Some people might be scared to use their phone once it is in charge mode. It could be a good reason why you do not use it while it might be raining outside, a possibility exists where lighting might strike and the phone could be electrocuted. To drop your phone and make it unusable is a common cause of worry. You can go on to use the iPhone if you go on to get the phone repaired by a specialist.

Do not turn your phone off from time to time

No harm exists when you shut down the phone if you are not using it. Most probably next time when you are using it you have to reboot it that in some cases would enable to enhance the functioning of the phone.

Not opting to charge your phone overnight

People avoid overcharging the phone at night as they feel they might be overcharging the battery. No harm in charging your phone at night because it is a smartphone as it is aware of when charging is to be stopped.

Stick to task managers so as to enhance the battery life

The installation of third party managers is not going to enhance the life of your battery. The worse part is that some of them interfere with the functioning of your device. A better choice would be to get rid of task managers.

Do follow the common practice of removing the charger once the phone is charged.

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