Can we increase our business by printing kraft boxes with different color schemes ?


kraft boxes are a healthy and environmentally conscious solution to all the environmental worries that are rising as wildfire these days. They are made from the process of pulping, which is absolutely free of the involvement of hazardous chemicals. The resultant paper is not bleached, which adds up to its strength and durability, thus enabling these boxes to carry hefty to lightweight objects with equal efficiency. They look absolutely beautiful on the retail aisles and can be effortlessly used to flaunt one’s products in the market. Their appearances can be modernized and beautified with a number of additional applications on the box like gloss or matt coats, foil stamps, printing patterns, and what not? Their shapes and sizes can also be tweaked and trimmed without much of a hassle. Premium die-cuts can be made on them with accurate precision and brilliant productive results. They can be printed with typography and graphics that speak volumes about their quality. When it comes to choosing perfect packaging, kraft boxes are highly appreciated and reputable. But they can be made even more special by using attractive color schemes. It needs to be seen what schemes one should opt for.

The Color Psychology

The effect of Kraft Packaging colors on customers has been studied for a long time. Colors have a profound impact on sales of a product, and brands have been well aware of this fact for quite some time. For instance, blue was considered a feminine color once. Hence, at that time, products meant for women were mostly packed in blue packaging to attract as many customers as possible. Printing on kraft boxes has a special effect on the human psyche, and companies try to incorporate it into their marketing strategies. Colors in packaging are more than we think. They can shape the whole shopping pattern of customers according to a brand’s strategy and make a significant impact on sales. Different colors have different meanings for people, and they invoke different emotional responses from the public.

How to Choose?

Yes, colors can enhance sales by attracting customers, but how would a brand know which colors to choose for its Custom Printed Craft Boxes? This is a question of profound importance and needs to be explored deeply. Here, the best way to navigate is to think from the customers’ perspective and understand what they want. For instance, when targeting different age groups, it is important to have a distinction between packaging types. Bright, punchy colors usually are not meant for adults. While on the other hand, children love them. Similarly, going overboard and mixing several colors is not suitable for the packaging of products that are meant for adults. But the same strategy works wonders for children’s products. Therefore, these differences have to be studied in detail before printing.

Emotional Connection

How does color invoke an emotional response from consumers? How can Craft Boxes have an emotional connection with customers? The answer lies in the fact that colors are everywhere and are seen by people in their lives in one way or another. For instance, the way a person dresses tells a lot about them. The color of their clothes can speak about their preferences and choices in life. Similarly, the colors in product packaging connect with people too. In one culture, color can mean one thing, and in another culture, something completely different. Therefore, brands should keep this emotional reservoir in mind before using a specific color scheme on the packaging.

Some Popular Colors

(a) Blue

Some people like reasonably priced kraft boxes wholesale that appear soothing and calming. And for those customers, blue is the perfect packaging color. It has a sense of serenity. It is also associated with logic and intelligence. Trust and efficiency are also hallmarks of this color. Therefore, one can expect it on the packaging for technological products such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

(b) Red

It is associated with warmth, strength, vigor, and passion. Due to these properties, it is usually used by companies that deal with lifestyle and entertainment products. These could include cigarettes, drink, and food companies.

(c) Green

It is a color that inspires a love for mother nature and earth. It is the color abundantly present in natural surroundings. Therefore, it is used by companies on  Eco-Friendly Kraft Boxes that believe firmly in ecological sustainability.

(d) Yellow

Yellow is not used very often, although it is a cheerful color. It evokes a sense of excitement and happiness. It is used by companies when they are offering special deals and discounts.

(e) Black

When it comes to premium and sophisticated products, nothing is better than using black color for packaging. It is used in packing expensive items such as watches, jewelry, and other gadgets. Usually, for an attractive contrast, it is usually used with white color.

The use of beautiful colors has a great impact on the sales of products because they are highly attractive and make affordable Craft Boxes Wholesale look alluring too. Technological advances in printing have enabled brands to access exquisite color schemes that can transform their image in front of consumers.

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