Advantages of Flutter for Seamless Cross-Platform App Development


As you know Android and IOS are the two main platforms for the development of mobile apps. You have to use unique and different codes to develop both the apps. Due to this reason, cross-platform development has received popularity in the mobile app development domain. Moreover, it saves both time and energy for building the app. Different tools are introduced in the market to create cross-platform which is more desirable for the users. There are also various web-based tools like PhoneGap, Xamarin, and React Native. Every tool and technique has some kind of benefits and limitations. The limitations of the tools can be a barrier for a smooth mobile app development process.

Developers are working hard to enhance their knowledge about the latest technologies to create agile applications. On the other hand, app owners are also giving considerable time for the development of the mobile app. This is the reason Flutter has been introduced in the mobile development scenario. Google has introduced its official version at Google I/O in 2017 and it was announced as an influential tool for mobile development at Mobile World Congress in February 2018. Google has promoted this app on various platforms so that more and more people can benefit from it.

In the forthcoming section, we will provide detailed information about the Flutter app development and its impact on the mobile industry.

Know-how of Flutter Framework

Flutter is Google’s development tool which is designed to build mobile apps for both Android and IOS. Flutter development has its own unique story where the engineers have worked thousands of hours to get the final output. Only when the quality was checked then it became handy for general use. They also improved the performance in the major parts so the users could get a reliable tool for their app development process.

How Flutter Is Advantages for Cross-Platform Development

This development kit helps in building 2D mobile apps. You can employ this tool to make comprehensive apps including functions relating to geolocation, cameras, storage, and network. If you wish to build stock platform apps and impressive designs, then you can take the help of Flutter.

The Application Development in Flutter

Google has also used Flutter in order to create an AdWords app which tracks on the ad buys and gives assistance to the advertisers. Moreover, the Alibaba app is also developed with the help of the same toolkit. There are various not so popular companies that are streamlining the development process with the help of Flutter.

The Flutter has been a valuable asset to the developer community who wants more qualitative and agile applications. However, it would be unfair if we don’t present both its pros and cons.

Pros of Flutter Framework

Flutter has various advantages that attract developers and app owners. Let’s consider all the benefits of the Flutter framework to the developers as well as the business owners.

Hot Reload

One thing which makes the Flutter attractive is it’s hot reload. Due to this facility, developers are able to see the changes in the code in real-time. It just takes a few seconds to see the changes in the code, therefore the team can immediately add new features, fix the bugs in the application, and show their creativity. Hot reload is also considered as a bridge between the developers and designers to enhance the look and feel of the mobile applications. We cannot completely favor reloading as there are few limitations. When you are dealing with the native app, you have to wait for some minutes to see the changes and evaluate them.

Preferable for MVP

If you have a tight deadline to confer the product to the investor, you must create a Flutter mobile application that is suitable for both Android and IOS. With this, your investor will also get a complete idea about how the application will look. Building two separate apps will consume more time and money for your mobile development company.

Cross-platform Development

When you are planning to use cross-platform development, there will be no requirement of making two separate platforms to carry out the task. You can create a single codebase for separate applications. On the other hand, the Flutter can also give assistance in developing your application on the Fuchsia platform. It is an experimental OS for development activity. Many professionals are seeing the potential in Fuchsia to replace the Android.


Widgets are imperative for the interface and the app’s view. The widgets must have a completely attractive and natural look no matter whatever is the screen size. They are customizable, extensible, and fast. The flutter has widgets that have extensive abilities to create custom widgets. They are used for the app and its entire screen. As per the Flutter documentation, each widget is an inseparable part of the user interface. Another framework separates the view controller, layouts and other elements while Flutter has a unified object model for the widget.

Codes are Less

The programming language which is used by Flutter is known as Dart. It is strongly-typed and also object oriented. Flutter is almost like the React Native with programming style such as declarative and reactive. Moreover, Flutter does not need to employ the JavaScript bridge, which enhances the overall performance of the app, even at the initial stage. Darts also easily does the same with the help of AOT, compilation and Ahead-of-time feature. It not only intensifies the workflow but also boosts the hot reload abilities to refresh the UI during the development process without requiring a whole new development.

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The Support is Massive

As you know that Flutter is Google’s product, therefore the framework has a huge name already. Behind this product, there is a powerful support system of the community of 1000 developers and material design team who can work for the betterment of the application.

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Installation is Quite Easy

Flutter is really easy to start your work with as it does coding in the low-end machine quickly. You do not have to bother about whether your operating system can handle the Flutter framework as Flutter does not require a powerful machine yet it works effortlessly in any operating system.

Cons of Flutter Framework

Although the framework is developing in leaps and bounds, there are certain limitations that can be added to our cons list. Let’s see each of them.

Library is Limited

There are many helpful libraries in the Flutter; however, this framework is quite new. You will not find every functionality you need in the Flutter Kit. On the other hand, Native apps have different features including Twilio, Stripe, and streaming services such as UStream. Building the library in the Flutter can be straining and time-consuming.


Flutter only works for mobile apps and is not supported by web browsers. When you wish to work with a browser, this can definitely influence your decision. If you want to work with more than one device, Flutter is not for you

Constant Integration

There are various tailored solutions for the native IOS and Android apps that enable them to function with CI platforms like Jenkins and Travis. You will need to create a toolkit for these kinds of platforms. The constant integration is not always possible.

Restricted TV Support

If you think this framework can run on Apple TV and Android as well, the answer will be no. It is not so pleasant news that Flutter does not support Apple or Android TV.

The End

Google is making a new path for the future of cross-platform development. Some developers also have to compromise between productivity and quality. They have to choose separate applications for Android and IOS or have to depend on the cross-platform solution that completely fails to give native experiences. Therefore, the Flutter was created to connect the dots. Flutter can give exceptional experience, reducing both effort and time which you can spend on reducing the risk and the errors. If you are interested in using the Flutter framework, this is the right time to contact the reputed Flutter app development company to give a smart potency to your development process.

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